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Thursday, July 13, 2017

10 Pictures from the 10th

Hey there Thursday!!
Today we are on our 3rd day of this season's practice, and today I'm sharing 10 pictures from our 10th.
Monday was our first official day of practice, so most of my pictures today are from our time at the gym. We are currently in the middle of 2-a-day practices, so our days are full of volleyball, volleyball, and volleyball! We did work in some pageant practice though! ;)
Here we go....

...Our 10th...

Monday morning on The Hill!

Post pageant walk practice picture!
Because her casualwear walk looked pretty much perfect!!

Playing a little Mingle before starting the afternoon session!
These little camp games are great for getting the girls to work together & learn a little about someone new. They are also great because we will be doing these with the little girls at our Topper Camp in a few weeks.

Check out our littlest mingler!

Ipad & relax time towards the end of practice in the coach's office!

Sitting with Jojo at dinner explaining all about the fun at mommy's practice! She may be a mama's girl, but she's for sure her daddy's world! He's such an amazing dad too. Our babies have the BEST!

Post-shower + WWE Raw while mommy blow dries her hair. She loves to have her hair blow-dried, and I love it too!
{Ignore our favorite Christmas nightgown}

Blog work!

Shopping for Dallas!

Finally going to bed, with my make up on, by the way!

We spent a lot of our time in the gym, but we had so much fun! I love making these memories with my little girl. Stephen and Carson spent their Monday at Mimi & Popow's house in Asheville. They pulled weeds & worked & played! Popow has promised them that if they work this week, then he would buy them NBA 2K17 for their XBOX!
Those boys will work at least!

Happy Thursday, y'all!!


  1. What a fun day! I love that you can take your kiddos with you to practice. Isn't it so nice? That little Nataleigh is going to rock! You have both been working so hard for Dallas!

    1. Oh I love having them with me. It gets a touch hairy at times when they are 'bored,' but seriously they have an entire gym to play in! :)