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Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Favorites 7.7.17

It's Friday morning, and I'm just now sitting down to blog. I never do this!! I always try to have my posts ready-to-go the night before, but yesterday this mama was whooped! I took the kids to my in-laws' house in Asheville, so they could celebrate CARSON! They also kept the kids for a couple of hours, so that I could search for some of the things we need for the International Cinderella Pageant in Dallas! The kiddos played with Mimi's new puppy, Layla, while I shopped until I wanted to drop!
 We love you, Layla!
 Twinning with Layla!!
Teaching Mimi & Popow how to check out at Chili's!

Well, the craziness of yesterday has me completely wiped, and I know just how extremely busy this weekend is for us. I just needed the morning to stay in my pjs while listening to the kiddos playing nicely together on their Minecraft world!

Today we have 2 big doctor appointments for the kids that I would greatly appreciate your prayers about!
In May, Stephen had a pretty rough bout of pneumonia which landed him in the hospital for several days. We've sent off bloodwork already, and we have some answers, however due to the atypical diagnosis, we have our follow-up appointment today. Please pray that his lungs look healthy, normal, and strong again! 

Also, a few weeks later Nataleigh had a bout with the same kind of pneumonia, so she too has her follow up chest x-ray today. Thankfully her situation wasn't nearly as bad as Stephen's, but she still needs the same prayers!

Now I'm going to finish my super healthy breakfast of Oreos & milk before getting my crew ready for the doctors!

Also, I woke up to this precious post from my husband!
Lucky girl!!
11.5 years!
Wow...I'm so thankful for the love & life we have! It's not perfect, thank goodness, but it's 100% real & genuine!

These little moments of love, faith, and family are definitely my Friday Favorites!
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  1. Praying for Stephen and Nataleigh! I'm guilty of having the same breakfast sometimes as well. Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks so much!!! Comfort food = Double Stuf Oreos

  2. Praying for Stephen and Nataleigh. I laughed about checking out at Chili's. My parents still pay with checks (a lot of places won't even accept them) and they do not have a debit card. It is so funny! We live in a small town and my mom pays for her gas with cash, but sometimes she just drives off without paying because she forgets so they legit, call her at home and tell her "hey, you drove off without paying...no biggie just pay us next time your around." HAHAHAHA!

    1. Thanks!! We got great reports today! Praise Jesus! That's hilarious about your mom. It's just so funny watching them figure it out, and of course the machine was out of paper. It was just a mess, but hilarious!!