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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Our 4th of July

I'm not sure about you, but we had a wonderful 4th together!
Monday I shared my yummy pasta salad & the cutest cake that we enjoyed at our family cookout!

Not only was the food delicious, but the fun & games were too much!
My mom bought the funniest slip-n-slide that had bowling pins on the end, and it was HILARIOUS!! I'm seriously sore still from sliding, but my kids had an absolute blast!
Pre-slip-n-slide picture!!
Red, White, & CUTE!
I love these people so much!
Tennessee's Tot enjoyed showing off her beautiful sash that has her name on it to her great-grandparents, and they are obviously smitten as well!!
Family is everything to us, and we just enjoyed our day so much together!!

After our cookout, friends of our's invited us to their house to watch them shoot off fireworks.
Carson & Collin shooting off a firework!!
 This is our second year celebrating with the Hartleys, and even though the rain tried to dampen our 4th a little, the firework show & the fellowship was still so good!!

They do a good job, huh?!

The 4th of July is so special for Joe and me. We started dating 13 years ago, and even though it's not been perfect or easy, it's 13 years that I wouldn't trade for the world. 13 years of laughs, tears, and so much more fun & goodness than we deserve!
I love you Joseph Clark, and you mean the absolute world to me!
I'm lucky to have you!!
13 years down, a lifetime to go.
You're stuck with me, boo!

-Hope your 4th was full of family, friends, and fun...with a bit of fireworks!



  1. What a great day! It looks like you guys had so much fun. Slip and slides are always the best! I can hardly watch though because I am always afraid a bone is going to get broken!

    1. I'm STILL so sore from Tuesday!! haha at least we had a blast!!