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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up: Charleston Edition


We went away for a quick, little getaway, and it was perfection.
We all actually relaxed, and we just had the best time ever!
I took so many pictures, but we literally enjoyed doing the same routine every day that the pictures are about the same! We slept, beached, and relaxed at the house every day, and we loved every minute!


Friday, we set our alarms for super early, and we met up with our friends, Christie, Kent, Luke, & Ally to head to Charleston!
Riding shotgun {make-up free} with this hunk!!
While these two chilled in the back, Nataleigh only asked us about 15,876 times if we were there yet!
And then she crashed!
All the praise hands!!!
We stopped for lunch & silly faces with this crew!
These two became fast besties, and Ally is definitely who Nataleigh looks up to!
They were just the absolute sweetest!

We got to the house & dropped our stuff off as fast as possible because we were ready to have the sand & surf in our toes!
Always posing!
Beach bums!!


Saturday saw our sweet Carson staying up until after midnight to ring in his 8th birthday!
I shared HERE ALL ABOUT CARSON & 8 awesome reasons that I love about him!
He was so excited that we let him stay up all night!
We also celebrated with yummy & healthy breakfasts before hitting the beach!
Then we busted it to our current new favorite beach!
 A quick family picture before hitting the waves!!
 Seriously love this man of mine!
 And she just thinks he hung the moon even more after this weekend.
He threw her in and out of the waves, and he just made her feel like the prettiest princess ever. She's so lucky to have such a great dad!
 These mermaid besties washed up on shore!!
I think they left every day with more sand on them than at the beach. It was hilarious!!
 By this point of the weekend we were fully relaxed & so happy!!
My new favorite picture of these two sweethearts!!
And what else do you do when your favorite Matilda Jane bow almost gets lost in the ocean?! You definitely hook it to your hat, and thank goodness for Jojo's quick reflexes!!

We left the beach, and at Carson's request, enjoyed burgers for dinner from Burgerfi, and oh my goodness, these were sooooooo good!!
Along with plenty of cupcakes & loads of laughs!!
Oh this boy loved him some birthday fun at the beach. I think he wants to go to the beach every year for his birthday, and we may have to work that out!!
Two full days at the beach caused these two to crash!!!


Our last full day at the beach!!
 Sweet babies ready for some fun in the sun!
 Proudly repping our favorite stack from One Stop Bow Shop!
 Last family picture of the weekend!!
The boys!!

 The mermaid!!
 The elusive Stephen.
These days he is so difficult to grab a picture alone. You kind of have to corner him and beg him for just one picture, and it better be right the first time because I don't get a second chance!
And this man!
Oh it's been far too long since we enjoyed a trip as much as we did this weekend. We finally relaxed, and I think it's because our babies aren't babies anymore. This trip solidified that fact for us too. The beach used to make me such a nervous wreck that my anxieties always translated to Joe, and then his pressures at work would translate to me. Right now our lives are so busy, yet so simple at the same time. This vacation hit us at the most perfect time! We were so able to enjoy and soak in all those wonderful little moments with our kids. 


We sadly left our oasis, Isle of Palms, and headed home!
We even found a food court along the way, and this girl needed a picture with the Chick-Fil-A sign, because of course she did!

Reality hit us hard as soon as we got home.
The boys had basketball practice, and Nataleigh & I hit up the grocery store!

Life was so good at Isle of Palms, yet we are so happy to be back at #HOMESWEETHENSLEY!


  1. Love all the beach pictures! So glad you all were able to relax and enjoy yourselves. Happy Wednesday.

  2. What a fun trip! I am so glad you all were able to relax and have a great time. I hear you about anxiety, oh my gosh, I look back when the kids were younger and think, why did we do this? Or, why did I freak out about that? Hahahaha! I am loving the ages of more independence :) I hope you have a great day!

    1. Oh it was such a good trip! I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Oregon, and yes to the independence age. I know I'll miss the days where they were so little, but for niece im soaking up the goodness of this season