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Thursday, August 10, 2017

10 on the 10th: Back 2 School #MustHaves

Back To School

Last night Erin @ Perfectly Port Family hosted a chat loop on Instagram {@perfectlyportfamily} that I was excited to be a part of, and we all shared some different questions and answers about back-to-school stuff! Today we are joining Erin for her monthly link-up, and our topic is all about our 10 must-haves for back-to-school!


Good Backpacks!
As cute & adorable as the ones from Target are, my boys have had very little success with those character-themed ones, but I'm sure it's just because they are so rough on their backpacks. Last year we bought Nike backpacks, and this year we went with Under Armor Storm packs. They technically didn't need new ones because their Nike ones were in such great shape still, but they are loving these so far! I love the L.L.Bean backpacks, but I couldn't sell them on a bag with their monograms on it. They needed these 'super cool' ones!
I think I can sell Nataleigh on one of these backpacks next year with her monogram on it!


Good lunch boxes!
I've bought the same ones every year from Target!
Y'all!! I love these. They are wipeable, and my rough & tough boys have no problem keeping these in good shape all year!


Good Tennis Shoes!
These boys play outside almost every single day at school {weather permitting}, and we must start the school year with fresh shoes because they wear their's out completely! We always find them on sale at either a Nike or Under Armor outlet BOGO half off, and we snatch them up! Unlike the first two must-haves, these do not ever last us all year because the boys are growing like weeds, and they wear them every single day!!


Folders, Pencils, and such!
I love this part of school supply buying. I love getting in there with the hoards of other mamas who are searching for the same pack of 12 glue sticks & the 6 packs of loose-leaf papers!


These first few days and weeks will test your schedules and routines. I've learned that when I'm flexible with my time, then I'm less stressed out which means my kids will be less stressed as well. From now until October my personal volleyball schedule will be in complete conflict with my kids' bedtime schedules, and that's something I'm going to have to be flexible with. These first several weeks/months make me so thankful for such an involved husband & amazing kiddos who understand a coach's life!


THIS WEEKEND Joe & I grabbed the boys each some new stuff, and like I've said all week, my boys only wear athletic clothes to school. It seems that this is the consensus with most elementary school boys because I've had so many messages, emails, and comments from mamas with the same struggle. They are comfortable, and that's all that matters to this mama! I'm also already shopping for outfits for their Picture Day, and y'all that's going to be 'nice' athletic clothes!


Lots of gas for our cars!
This week alone the kids have had basketball practice, dance, cheerleading, basketball games, and church! This isn't including my already crazy volleyball schedule.
We are so thankful for our tribe of amazing family and friends who have helped shuttle kids places, and it's just going to get busier as the year goes on!


Amazing family!
We are so, so blessed with family and friends who are more like family than anything that help us so much. Whether it's shuttling kids, staying with kids, or just praying over our kids, our family helps us out tremendously, and we couldn't do life without these people! Just this week alone, my in-laws kept the kids so we could finish school shopping and my mom took Nataleigh to a last-minute dance class while I coached. Also, my sweet friend Christie has offered to keep the boys after school until Joe can get them from work while I coach! These people make life so fun and doable!


Cleaning supplies!
I've been a cleaning fool this week!
There is just something about school starting back that makes me need to clean and sanitize as much as possible. This week I cleaned and sanitized the boys bedding and mattresses. To clean and freshen their mattresses, I diluted some white fir essential oil from DoTerra with some water, and then sprayed it all over their mattresses while their bedding washed! Their room smelled so stinking fresh and clean.
Here are some more essential oil cleaning recipes!


These first days and weeks of a new school year is all trial & error. There will be things forgotten, lost, and just completely neglected, but exercising grace with your loved ones and more importantly yourself is the best way to go. You are one person, and you cannot do everything for everyone! Give yourself some grace as you settle into this new year, and may God just completely pour out His goodness on your kids and family!

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