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Monday, August 21, 2017

A Little Weekend Rewind

Happy Total Eclipse Day!!
We had a totally normal, super busy weekend, and not too many pictures were taken because we were busy doing all the things!!


We made it through our second full week of school!
2 down...34 to go!

 So far both boys are LOVING school so much!
They are learning tons already, and they are actually looking forward to going to school every single day!

After dropping the boys off, this sassy girl & I headed to the farm to see Mim & Poppy! These days on the farm are 100% her favorites!
She just thought she was so funny trying on Poppy's reading glasses, and he thought she was the cutest thing ever!

My mom works near the Bristol Motor Speedway, so they get to leave early on the Friday before the race. She helped me out so much by grabbing the boys from school for me, and then they headed to basketball practice!
Nataleigh & I headed to the school to enjoy her very first pep rally! She loved it so much, and it has made her want to be a cheerleader even more! After a quick practice & tournament set-up, she and I ran some little errands. We grabbed her some necessities for cheerleading!!
{cutest stuff ever}


We all divided and conquered, and we even subbed in Nana for a couple of errands!
Science Hill hosted the annual "Thrill on the Hill" JV & Freshman tournament, so I was working & coaching ALL DAY!
We didn't win, but we showed a lot of character along with beating some pretty good teams! This will be a fun season!
Our tee shirt screen printers printed these up for Nataleigh and her little volleyball bestie, Audrey, and how adorable are these?!

Nana took Nataleigh to Knoxville for a Royalty meeting, and it was so much fun! Jana, the Miss's mom, hosted the girls, & they swam most of the day away while the mamas & nanas planned wardrobe & Christmas for the girls!
I didn't get to be there, but I did get this super cute picture!
{Thanks Cathy & Sarah-Anne for these adorable dresses}

Joe & the boys were busy doing tons of farm work! Joe dug ditches for my Poppy & loved every sweaty second! The man should have been a farmer for sure!


We went to church!
Lunch on State St. in Bristol!
We napped, and it was AWESOME!!!
And then we watched some WWE SummerSlam!

And we tried these special edition chocolate glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme, and oh my goodness...SO GOOD! 

It was overall a great weekend, but it was a weekend where we were stretched for sure. The boys get out of school early today for the eclipse, so it'll start another busy week for the Hensley 5!

I just have to leave y'all with this song in honor of today!

Happy Monday!



  1. Your comic about the solar eclipse made me LOL! That's awesome. So sweet of your momma to help out, we need a village most days around here! Those doughnuts look good too! xoxo ERIN

  2. What a fun weekend! I am so excited for our fall sports to start back up. The kids have been practicing and it is so fun to watch. Our first games do not start until the first full week of September so that is coming up. You coaches pour a lot into those athletes and it does not go unnoticed. I hope you have a great week!