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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dallas Days 3 & 4

By this point of the week, Tuesday, we were deep in the competition, yet we were still just having so much fun! YESTERDAY I shared Days 1 & 2, and they were so much fun. Today I'm sharing Days 3 & 4, and they too were just as adorable and fun!

Let's get right into Tot Personality and Partywear!!

After rollers, teasing, and so much hair spray, it was time to head on stage for Tot Personality! This is where Nataleigh had a 2:30 minute conversation with Mr. Mason, her emcee, about anything. He asked her about what she wanted to be when she grew up {a princess that doesn't kiss frogs}, her dream house, and what songs she likes to sing. She was so funny, and she had the audience in stitches. This girl has tons of personality!

 before heading on stage with her buddy Mackenzie, from Sanford, NC.
Two buddies she picked up..Jen & Noelani!!

We then napped!! We were all exhausted, and Tuesday night's party was late!
It was the souvenir party!
On Sunday when we finished registration, we had to turn in our souvenirs. We packed these adorable little crowns with a cute saying attached.
"Help prevent crown slippage.
Keep your head up, Princess."
Every chaperone put their gifts in the contestants bags, and each girl got their own bag at the end of Tuesday. 
A quick picture before heading into the party!!

 Seriously, best director EVER!!
 Our TN-NC delegation!

 Tennessee Royalty
 with squeezes from last year's International Tot, Mabry!
 And last year's International Miss, Amanda!!

You can tell a 4-year old had a good time when her ribbon has come completely untied from dancing and singing and running with her best buddies all night!!

Wednesday we had the Cindy Fair, Partywear, and the Prince Gilbert Party.
Holy Moley, they weren't kidding me when they told me how intense everything was, but it was so much fun!!
First up....the Cindy Fair!
Our girls wore matching dresses, and this was just before partywear. Mama was stressing a little a lot because we had hair before this party, and Nataleigh has hair like her mama...not good. It doesn't like to hold style, and the entire room was full of giant balloons and kids running and playing everywhere. How on Earth was I to tell my 4-year old not to run and play?! It didn't happen, and our hairdresser had to fix the curls!!

 Check out those curls!

 We were missing our Mini Miss and Miss girls because they were competing at the Eisemann Center!!
Gorgeous girls!!
We then touched up our hair, and we hit the road on the buses to the Eisemann Center!
This was our first competition out of the hotel, and we couldn't wait to see that big ole stage!
 Being silly with our buddies backstage!
 Pretending to be Tiana and Belle backstage!!
Malea is the NC Tot, and these two had the best friend!
 Here we go!!!
 Mr. Fred Vollman the CEO of the Cinderella company!!
 These girls rocked it!!!
 Fast friends!
 This quickly became the thing with Mabry and Nataleigh. Nataleigh is smaller than Mabry, and Mabry loved carrying Nataleigh everywhere. Seriously everyone felt as though Nat was their baby, and they all loved carrying her around!
Piled up on the bus together...breaking the rules, but having so much fun!
After we got back to the hotel we hit up The Magic Time Machine, and y'all it was the best dinner experience EVER!!!!
Check out those face swaps and photo bombs!!!!

We got back to the hotel just in time to change into our Prince Gilbert outfits & head to the final party of the evening!!
 Aren't these outfits the cutest?!
 And seriously, I could go on and on about Ms. Jill, but she got down with the girls. She did the Cupid Shuffle and other line dances. I'm so proud to be a TN girl!!
 Mr. Mason!!!
 Our TN-NC family with Prince Gilbert..that handsome frog in the back!!!

Oh Amanda what a wonderful Miss you were!!

These two days were so much stinkin' fun!! It was non-stop & busy, but really who wants a boring experience?!

Tomorrow I'm going to take a little break until next week when I wrap up this beautiful trip!! Tomorrow is all about my favorites because it's Friday!!



  1. Loved seeing this too! I have no idea how you kept everything straight. Oh my goodness you were BUSY! The outfits are so cute and N Is just darling in every photo! xoxo ERIN

    1. The schedule was stressful, and it didn't allow a lot of 'free time.' We just made the best with what we were given.

  2. You are such a great momma! I giggle at knowing the amount of hairspray that was probably used that week!

    1. I think I can still smell it. This is a 'natural' system. I can only imagine what those mamas of glitz girls go through!!