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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dallas Days 5, 6. and 7

We are back at our Dallas Recaps!!

I started sharing last week about our time competing at the International Cinderella Pageant.

Let's get right into our last days!

Thursday was the Casualwear competition, and the Tot group just has the cutest outfits ever!!
 Super excited that she found Ms. Jill on the wall of International winners!!

Silly faces with our North Carolina buddies!!!
Casualwear cutie!!!
Ms. Joy, one of our directors, did such a great job designing this little piece for Nataleigh! It looked so adorable on stage!!!
 More Mabry hugs!!
And this sweet girl wanted to have her picture taken with our little girl!
She was so precious!

I had promised Nataleigh that if she did her very best & hit all of her x's then we would sneak to the American Girl Doll store for a little prize!
And my heart melted because this girl was just so excited that Camille joined our family!

We then rushed back to the hotel for a little rest before the Western Party!
I was just dying to give this girl some Dolly Parton hair because when you're from Tennessee, you tease it to Jesus!
 Before the party, these girls were so excited about their new dolls with matching outfits!!
 with our buddy Olivia!
 & Masie Lee
 & Bryton!!
 Yee-haw from the Tennessee Royalty!
 This party was soooooo much fun!
Nataleigh learned so many fun new line dances, and her new favorite is the Shake it for Me dance & Luke Bryan!
And we had to send Ms. Jill some love because she's so awesome!

All week the girls had secret sisters, and Thursday night was the last night of the gifts. It was also the big reveal night!
 Nataleigh loved shopping for Leanna, NC's Mini Miss, all week!!
And Mackenzie just did an amazing job spoiling my little girl!
We love our TN/NC family so much!

Friday was such a busy day!
We had the Farewall Brunch, Grand Finals, and the Awards Banquet!
 Tennessee's Tot was ready to go!
 with Sarah-Anne
 & Masie Lee!!
 Mr. Gage
{heart eyes}
 TN Tot & NC Tot
Nataleigh & Malea
And loads of love for Mabry on her last day!
These two were just the cutest together all week, and we cannot wait to see Mabry compete this upcoming year as a Mini Miss!!

I took zero pictures at Grand Finals because it was such a fast, furious production, and we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the theatre!
The new royalty girls are beautiful, kind, smart, & talented.

It was Awards Banquet time
 Sweet Leanna gave her delegation sisters each a small little gift, and it made my little so happy!
Leanna, you are truly precious!
 And our sweet little girl won the Most Endearing Tot award!
Our first time at the International Cinderella Pageant was successful on many levels, but to walk out of Dallas with an award was huge. I would say that this little thing won the hearts of those judges, and she's already working hard at perfecting her modeling!
Proud little girl!!
These two!!
Mackenzie and Nataleigh became such friends, and they needed one last mini-party before we all left Dallas!!
Saturday Morning we got up super early to start our trip back to Tennessee!

A couple of reflections on our time in Dallas!

  1. We will rent a car next time! There was so much that we wanted to see & do during the little bit of 'free time,' and next time we will explore more!
  2. That's right, y'all! We are heading back to Dallas next year! She's hooked, and she just had the best time making new friends & competing. It's truly something she LOVES!
  3. We have the best directors ever. Ms. Joy & Ms. Jill did so much to ensure that their girls always looked exactly how they wanted them to. From designing outfits to doing final hair and makeup touch-ups just before they took the stage, these two worked so hard for their girls.
  4. My girl is a special girl. She exudes sportsmanship. She didn't win an overall title, but she was so excited for Regina, the new International Tot. She high-fived & wished luck to every single competitor. She didn't make excuses for not winning, and she understands that not every pageant is her's to win. So many lessons were learned by both me and her. I know what kind of example I want to set for her, and I'm so proud that she's mine! You will never hear me talk about another CHILD not deserving to win or that judges were trying to set Tennessee up to lose by crowning girls they don't agree with. These times ALWAYS reveal true character, and gossip always gets back to people!
  5. Texas was great, but Tennessee is HOME!! I love being a Tennessee girl, and nothing makes me prouder than my daughter being a state representative for the place I love so much!

Thanks for sticking with us as I tried to share our experiences. If you or your daughter has ever even considered a pageant, then Cinderella is for you! It's so much more than beautiful girls strutting their stuff. It's about teaching these young girls about how to be young ladies who exude confidence, poise, and intelligence. These women that we were with all week are some of the kindest, smartest, & most beautiful women I've ever met!
They are FAMILY!


  1. I love all your sweet words and thoughts but your final reflections are what is what its all about - teaching our kids to love Jesus and shine bright for Him throughout sportsmanship and encouragement to others! Love you my sweet friend! xoxo ERIN

  2. What a fun experience for you and Nataleigh. She looks so happy with her American Girl Doll, and that casual wear, oh my goodness!