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Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites..8.25.2017

Hey, Hey, Hey!
It's Friday, and it's for sure my favorite!!
This week has been busy with volleyball, solar eclipse, & a sick baby.

Today we are joining AndreaNarci, & Erika for their Friday Favorites link-up, and this will be a totally random mess!

Let's get right into it...

Great American Solar Eclipse

We were in the 97% totality part of the country, and it was pretty cool. The boys' school dismissed early, and one of our little towns had a big solar eclipse block party. We had practice because it was the day before the game, but practice didn't start until after the eclipse. The kiddos loved it, but they were over it after 5 minutes. HA!

 Stephen had an extra credit assignment that he worked on about the eclipse. He loved tracking the moon's progression across the sun!

 They loved their glasses, even if they couldn't find me to take a picture!

Dab on the eclipse!

Birthday Party Fun

Nataleigh was invited along with the girls from her cheer team {so cute} to the cutest birthday party. I've shared before how much I love these painting parties, and y'all they are just the best! This time I really did well not to let my OCD, follow the rules, self interfere, and I really just let her do her thang! I love the outcome too.
The inspiration was a Shopkins donut, but I really see a California Raisin!
Masterpiece Mixers are the best!!

Late-night Ice Cream

This week has led me to one aisle in particular during this week's grocery trip...THE ICE CREAM AISLE!! I needed something little, and I decided to try something new. It's pretty good. It's banana ice cream with caramel & graham cracker swirls with chocolate peace signs in it! YUMMY!!

Basketball Trips

This weekend we are going out of town for a basketball tournament, and I cannot wait to cheer on my favorite basketball player! Everyone is pretty excited about going out of town too. It's going to be great to spend this weekend with my favorite people watching one of my favorite teams EVER!

The next couple of weeks are extra crazy for me. I leave for DISNEY {oh my goodness} on Wednesday for an awesome volleyball trip, and then we head to Pigeon Forge for another volleyball trip the next weekend. We are quickly approaching the chaos of our schedule, but we are winning, learning, growing, and most importantly having a lot of fun!

I mentioned earlier in the post that we had a sick baby. Nataleigh spiked a low-grade fever & pretty major cough early in the week, so we headed to the doctor. After the examination & some tests, we are heading to the children's hospital in Knoxville for further testing and care with their pulmonology department! We are all looking for answers, and we are trusting God. 

Happy Weekend!!


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  1. Oh no I am so sorry her lungs are still sick. I will be praying. Have fun this weekend!