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Monday, August 14, 2017

Prayers for Today 8.14.2017

If you've followed our blog lately, then you'll know that our family is completely over the word pneumonia...like DONE!!

Stephen was hospitalized in May with pneumonia, and it was such a scary time. Then after capturing the State Tot Title, Nataleigh too was hospitalized with pneumonia! 
This mama was just so scared and worried during these weeks, but they recovered. Then a few weeks ago they both had follow-up chest x-rays to make sure that their lungs looked super healthy, and while Stephen's lungs looked perfectly normal, Nataleigh's still had some worrisome spots on them. We had another follow-up as soon as we got home from Dallas, where we found out that she still has some pretty serious stuff going on. Well all that back story brings me to today's prayer request. Nataleigh will be having a CT Scan to try to determine what is still lingering in her lungs. We are asking that you all please remember our 4-year old today because she's so scared of this procedure. We've shown her what a CT Scan is and such, but any little child would be scared in her shoes. We also pray for the doctor's, nurses, and specialists as they administer the scan and read the results. We ask that you remember Joe and me because this is our baby, and we have felt so helpless during these weeks & months, but we are faithful that God is going to work something amazing for His honor through these trials. And finally we ask that you pray for her precious lungs that they will be healed. We are begging God to amaze the staff of the hospital with tomorrow's results. If her lungs aren't perfectly clear, we pray that God gives us the grace to accept whatever it is.

I just want to take a second and be real. I'm asking you all to pray for those things for me and our family because y'all, I've been struggling. I've been messy, angry, emotionally fragile, bitter, and so much more the closer we've gotten to this day. Saturday night, after a very long day, she and I were driving home from an appearance very late. She had fallen asleep, and I turned on the radio to begin to pray and praise God. That car ride ministered to so many of my hurts, worries, and struggles, and a lot of ugly-cry tears were shed. I've been so worried about things completely out of my control that they have started to consume my mind and my attitude. I left them somewhere between Knoxville & home, and I didn't turn around to pick them back up. This mom desperately needs those prayers today. The past 2 years broke me in all the right places for His glory, but I'm still so fragile in so many ways. I know that I cannot do this without Him, and I know whatever the outcome is that He has a plan for it all. I just have to let Him be God & me just be her mama.
Thank you so much for all the prayers & positive thoughts for our family today and every day. I know there are so many out there praying for us, and I truly appreciate it so much!

To God be the glory GREAT things He has {& will continue to do} done!

I just wanted to leave you with a song that has comforted this mama's heart so much this weekend. 


  1. You got this momma -- Joshua 1:9 is one of my faves that I posted on your IG. I am so thankful for modern medicine and how it can show us exactly what is going on. Prayers for your sweet girl that she would have peace that passes all understanding during this day as well as for you and Joe. BIG HUGS. xoxo ERIN

  2. Prayers for you and Nataleigh today. I hope you get answers, healing, strength, and peace.

  3. You are amazing. Prayers being sent for all of you!