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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Three Things

Happy Tuesday!!
Today I'm sharing Three Things about the Hensley 5. These are my absolute favorite posts because I just love seeing how much we've all grown and changed in just a short little time! It's been a while since I last shared about us, so let's get right into today's post!


1. He is super excited about starting 4th grade. He gets to begin changing classes a little this year, and they have class pets...GERBILS! I cannot wait to see all that this boy learns this year!
2. He's still ADDICTED to basketball. He's been practicing with his travel team all Summer, and we are definitely ready for the Fall season to start up!
3. He's majorly obsessed with Dude Perfect. It's insane, and those guys have definitely taken over the Hensley House!


1. He also is beyond obsessed with Dude Perfect. Along with Stephen, these two are constantly trying to set up the 'perfect DP trick!'
2. School so far has been a bit of a roller coaster emotionally for Carson. He loves his teacher & his new friends, but he seriously misses his friends from the last 2 years. He, however, has never been more confident when it comes to his school work. Retaining him this year has definitely proven to be the best, yet most difficult, decision. 
3. He is seriously the proudest big and little brother EVER! I cannot praise this boy enough for how much he cheers his siblings on in whatever they do. Sometimes being the middle child is tough, but this boy has perfectly mastered it. He is seriously Nataleigh's biggest fan, and he cannot look up to his brother enough. His ginormous heart is why the child is the most lovable little man ever!


1. This little girl has found herself a sport, y'all! She took her very first cheerleading class, and she LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! She cannot wait for Wednesdays with her besties at cheer!
2. Speaking of cheering, her favorite venue to cheer people on is at MAO prelims. We spent last weekend in Knoxville cheering on some of her absolute favorite Cinderella Princesses, and that cheering work because they all won! #cleancinderellasweep
3. She is tiny, yet she's the bravest girl I know. I shared a little of my heart YESTERDAY, and while we don't have the results back yet, we are trusting that all will be well. This summer alone she's had several chest x-rays, IVs, blood work taken, and so many check-ups, and now we have had a CT Scan. This girl has faced every single one of those tests better than most adults would have. She is far braver than I am, and she's a true inspiration.

Joe & Britt

1. Our lives have never been busier. Joe is busy learning all things insurance, and he's been so successful. State Farm is super lucky to have such a smart, hard-working, handsome man!
2. The Science Hill regular volleyball season begins today, and life will just get so much busier. I'm thankful for the parents, coaches, and the players that have taught me so much so far. To the Lady Toppers, let's make this the best season yet!
3. Two years ago our marriage was a complete failure. We were in the biggest valley any married couple could face, and while every day isn't perfect, our marriage is so strong right now. I know that it was because we allowed ourselves to be broken by Him for His plan. We quickly let go of what life 'should have been,' and we started focusing on what life was. It was messy, imperfect, and completely submitted to Him, and now, 2 years later, God is getting all the praise for what He has done. We look to Him in all things, and we know that all things, good & bad, work together for His ultimate good!


I cannot let the post publish without thanking Andrea from Momfessionals for the inspiration behind these posts. These little check-ins mean so much to this mama!!


  1. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness in your marriage. Those moments can help us stay steady and trusting in the moments where we are waiting now. I am praying for Natleigh right now. Keep us posted! xoxo ERIN

  2. I love these posts, they are so fun to look back on. God is good all the time, even when we go through trying times, He remains good.