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Monday, September 4, 2017

Disney Rewind!!

First of all, Happy Labor Day, y'all!!
I got home pretty late last night from our volleyball trip to Disney, but I could hardly wait to share! It was a crazy busy, super fun week for sure. Grab your go-to morning drink and let me share a little of what we did!!


We loaded our varsity team & chaperones up to head to Asheville for our flight!
The girls were ready to go, even if it was early!

My sweet mother-in-law came over from Asheville to keep the kids while Joe worked, but she couldn't get there until later in the morning. My awesome sister, Aunt GG, kept Nataleigh Wednesday morning, and they had spa time together!

She even let Nat paint her nails!!
Shew!! I cannot brag on my tribe enough for the support and love they showered us with this week, and my hubby is just beyond words..you'll see why later!

After hours worth of delays due to mechanical issues, we finally landed in Sanford. Then we had an hour drive to our resort!
 We stayed at Mickey's All-Star Resort, and it was so adorable!
Since we got in so late & had a jam-packed day ahead of us, we kept it simple and hit up Disney Springs


We got up super early & headed to breakfast!
Those Mickey waffles!!
Then we took the shuttle to Animal Kingdom.
 Tree of Life

Safari time!
{aka chubby unicorns}

After a couple of rides & shows, we headed to the ESPN area for pool play to begin!
Lady Toppers 2017

We then changed, so we could head back to Animal Kingdom for dinner at The Tusker House! It was a character dinner where we saw Mickey, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy (not pictured).

Then we rode more rides & watched the Rivers of Lights show!


We started early at the Wide World of Sports to finish pool play, and we finished 4-1 which lead us to first in our pool! Then we busted it to....
 The Magic Kingdom where we saw & did so much!
The sweetest Cinderella fountain! 
 Her stepsisters were FABULOUS!
Rapunzel's tower!

 After a couple hours at this park, we loaded up to finish our day at EPCOT!
They had later park hours, so we squished as much as possible in those hours!

Wrapped up day 2 with even more steps than day 1!

Joe took the boys to get haircuts, and Nataleigh needed a crown and scepter for a quiet evening at home!
Beautiful babies!!


Saturday we finished 3 in the Patriot pool!
Super proud of our girls, and so much team-bonding & game situations were worked through! Honestly our biggest hurdles are getting off to quicker starts and not letting up in games, but the girls played great.
And we'll be back KSA!!

While I was wrapping up a fun tournament, Joe was extremely busy.
He finalized our new car deal...

And he even went to my family's reunion with my grandparents!
Mim and Poppy with part of our Hensley crew!
{not really}
Oh these great-grandparents sure were excited to have Nataleigh with them!

And while he was being just awesome, the Toppers were conquering Hollywood Studios!
First up..Tower of Terror
 My new favorite ride!!!

 Then the rockin' rollercoaster!!

Hollywood Studios was so much fun, and I could have ridden the Tower of Terror all day long. We had a group of girls with us all day, and seriously they just brought out the fun all day long!

Then we headed back to EPCOT for our last team meal. 


Joe took the kiddos to church!
And due to it being a holiday weekend, they didn't have evening services, so they headed to my grandparent's farm then to a playground!
Best dad ever!!!

I loaded it all up, and began the trek back home!

And finally just before 9:00, we are all back together & so happy!

This week was such a blur at times, but it was a blast! Our coaches, chaperones, & girls well represented Science Hill and East Tennessee all while having so much fun together. It was a great team experience, and nothing will compare to the bonds formed this long weekend. As for me, I am beyond ready to take my Hensley crew to Disney now more than ever. I have definitely been bitten by the Disney bug!

This week will be pretty insane for us, but I'm going to do my absolute best to try to put out the best possible blogs. Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope your week is blessed! 
Enjoy that Labor Day with your loved ones!


  1. Yay for your new car, did you go with an SUV this time? It looks like you had a blast and thank goodness for our tribes. We need them :). I am glad you had fun and your girls did so well! It's a short week this week which means I won't know what day it is all week long! Xoxo ERIN

  2. Ohhhhh what a fun time and one you will never forget. WOOOHOOO for a new car! Look at all of your steps too. I can't even imagine how busy you all are right now! I hope you have a great week ahead Mama!!!