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Monday, September 11, 2017

Life Lately

Hey! I just want to start today with a little bit of an explanation for my absence in the blogger world. Life has hit me hard lately. These past two weeks have been on another level of busy, and I've just not felt able to get into any kind of writing groove because I'm dealing with exhaustion. I shared Monday about my trip with the volleyball team to Disney. Then last week left me with zero time for recovering from Disney, so today I'm going to share all about our week last week. 
{Photo Overload}


Finally it was Game Day for the Tennessee Volunteers!

While the boys worked on the farm with Poppy getting up calves and cows, Nataleigh had an appearance with her Cinderella sisters in Sevier County!
 TN State Royalty 2017-2018

 She is so spoiled by Ms. Joy!!

 And then we got a little slap silly!

 When at the fair, one must eat fair food!!
Thanks for a fun first night, Sevier County!

Nataleigh & I got home just in time to watch the 4th quarter & BOTH overtimes! Georgia Tech gave us all we could handle, and Team 121 worked extra hard to get that W!

LOVE John Kelly


We were back on the volleyball court for practice, and then we headed straight to Sevier County for another night at the Sevier County fair!
 curl formers cutie!!

We love us some Ms. Jill so much!!

Check out these gorgeous shots from the stage photographers!


Joe was off work because we had to make a trip to the Knoxville children's hospital for a pulmonary appointment for Nataleigh!
 But first school drop-off with the boys, and lots of 'D'esposito!'
 On the way, Nataleigh finally finished this maze that she had been working super hard to finish, and she got 100% through the maze!
 A little anxious before heading back!
Big, brave girl!

 Yet another chest x-ray, and we've found out that she has asthma definitely. Right now the asthma and mucous plugs in her bronchial tubes aren't allowing her to get fully healthy, so she's on several steroids and antihistamines to help clear those lungs out! We go back in 4 weeks for a follow-up, and we are trusting that this plan will help tremendously!
Our weather here has been perfection, and the fall flavors at Starbucks are beyond words!
{salted caramel mocha frappe}


Fall temps caused us to break out our boots with the fur & leggings!
It was also Game Day for the Lady Toppers & a little fashion shoot before getting to the gym!

This bow is the perfect Summer-Fall transition color, and it's available in the September bow box at One Stop Bow Shop!


It had been EPIC week at the boys school, and it ended with a banner parade & school-wide picture.
They used drones & made a kaleidoscope with the different colors of the classes! 
The Lady Toppers were in Pigeon Forge, TN for the Great Smoky Mountain Classic, and it was at The Wilderness of the Smokies, and my girl, Nataleigh, wanted to spend the weekend with her mama & the girls!
Maybe it was for the quality time or maybe it was the waterpark?!


Saturday was an all-day event. Our first match was at 8:00 am, and we pulled out of the parking lot just before 8:00 pm. Both our JV and Varsity played so well all weekend, and even though they didn't come out of there in first, they bonded like non-other. They fought through a lot of adversity together, and I think this will be a pivotal weekend in our season!
Nataleigh had been such a trooper. She sat through 12 matches in two days, and all she wanted was some Dippin' Dots. She got the birthday cake ones, and it was such fun having her with me!

The boys went to a friends' house for a cookout & Tennessee 2nd game of the year, which was a much more relaxing game than Monday's!


Sunday was my first and only 'day off' in 2.5 weeks, and I took full advantage of it! We went to church, grabbed lunch, and then I got in my pajamas, in which I stayed all day long!
We watched football, ate chili, and then watched the Miss America Pageant!

 This was about the time that she realized that Miss Tennessee wasn't moving on, and then she was super bummed that Miss Louisiana didn't make Top 5.
Congratulations to Miss North Dakota! Cara is the first ever Miss North Dakota to win the overall title, and she was so spunky! Keep up with her year on Instagram @missamerica 

Tomorrow I'll be back linking up with Andrea for her Show & Tell link up!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hey Miss North Dakota, I wondered who won. I fell asleep early last night, I was tuckered out. Sounds like you have been SO busy. I am glad you are getting some answers for your sweet lady. I am hoping for good news in 4 weeks time and will be praying with you. That UT game was crazy btw! I thought they lost and hey then they won. I hope you get some rest in between the crazy girl and always happy when you write ;) xoxox ERIN

    1. I think most Vols fans are still shocked by our comeback, but they give us heart attacks every year!

  2. I fell asleep before they crowned who won but how exciting for Miss North Dakota. You have been so busy. But looks like you are able to get in some good time with your kiddos too. It seems like when school starts we hit the ground running and don't look back until June. I loved this recap though, I have been missing you!

    1. Yes!!! We've not stopped, but we have less than a month of volleyball left. That will free up time, and then I'll miss those girls so much!