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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday: 9.12.2017

I've shared several times about what I carry around in my bag, so today I'm going to share those links! The bags are so good, and just like my life, they are constantly full of complete randomness.

So this was one of my early link-ups with Andrea! It was fun reading and seeing all the different things that other moms out there carry every day!

This year I linked up with Erin, another blogging buddy, for her monthly link-up, and odd enough, I was carrying the same bag that I was from the first post! Ha...clearly I don't change often enough. 

These posts 'encouraged' me to clean out my bag, as well as take inventory of what I'm carrying around daily...& not just the physical elements. So often cleaning out our bags relieves our physical bodies of so much more. I've found out that when dumping old bulletins, receipts, candy wrappers, etc. that I'm also carrying around those same stresses of that day. Today, I'm carrying around multiple bags because my life is so scattered. I have a volleyball bag, a pageant mom bag, as well as a personal tote, and a smaller crossbody bag within my volleyball backpack. I carry a lot of junk and necessities every day, but what other junk am I toting around?! Worry?! Doubt?! Insecurities?! Absolutely. Today, I want to encourage you to not only clean out your bag, but to lay down that baggage that is weighing your walk down right now.

How can I pray for you?!

Happy Tuesday!

Linking with Andrea


  1. What great reminders Britt! I love the message. I don't change my bag regularly either. I have a lot of random in my bags as well :) Happy Tuesday!

  2. I love the message of taking your baggage to the feet of Jesus and yay for that fun bag linkup

  3. Today, I'm carrying around multiple bags because my life is so scattered.selling