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Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Favorites 10.13.17

It's Fri-yay!!!!

The boys have been on Fall Break all week, so we've been enjoying lazy mornings & busy evenings together. This mama has needed these kinds of mornings for sure!


So I'm a HUGE fan of the House of Windsor, and Netflix added this show all about their 100 years on the throne. It was so addictive and good!
The Royal House of Windsor was a show that I could not get enough of!!
Netflix then suggested this docu-series, and it's super good too!!
I mean, give me all the history & monarchs!!


My hair cut & color!!

It looks so fresh & fall-ready!!
I never know what I want to do to my hair, and I always send Alex about 100 pictures.
She always knocks it out of the park!


Today Nataleigh & I are heading to a pumpkin patch with her sweet Cinderella sisters today, and she cannot wait. It's seriously all she's talked about ALL week!
How much more Fall can we get?!
Mountains, pumpkins, and gorgeous girls wearing all the rhinestones?!


The past couple of weeks have included some really cute outfits lately, and even though the weather here in Tennessee is cooperating, we are still loving our Fall wardrobes!!

 Summer romper layered with a tweed jacket from Janie & Jack!!
The Cinderella bow from One Stop Bow Shop is just the cutest little icing on top!
 All Matilda Jane
{sass is extra}
Picture day was extra cute for these boys last week!!
Also, how big do these boys look?!
Please time slow down now!!


These past couple of weeks have been crazy & stressful & oh so exhausting, but this guy has been the rock for all of us. I can not thank him enough for holding down the fort for me while I was busily finishing up a crazy volleyball season. He's quick to offer help, encouragement, and so much love! Today he's owning Arm Day, and I'm so proud to be his wife!
Love ya, boo!!

Happy Friday!!

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  1. I am also a huge fan of the House of Windsor! I am so ready for the next season of The Crown to hit Netflix. I have love your new hair cut and color. :) Have a great Friday.

    1. Thanks!!! I need another docu-series about our favorite first family!!

  2. I am going to have to check out House of Windsor. I loved The Crown and cannot wait for the next season. Have fun at the pumpkin patch and have a great weekend!

    1. Yes!! It has 'never-seen-becore' letters and photos...I loved it!! Happy weekend, friend!

  3. Love the hair! Looks so good on you!

  4. Okay have you watched Poldark or the Crown yet? Seriously they are both so good. Poldark is on amazon prime and the 3rd season is airing life on Masterpiece. Did you ever watch Downton Abbey? Okay I am adding the ones you mentioned to my Netflix queue tonight! xoxo ERIN