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Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Favorites 10.20.2017

Life is so good lately. The Hensley 5 are finally settling down a little. We are still busy, but life as a whole is so much more manageable & less stressful!!
We all say A-to-the-Men, right?!

This week was such a good week, and I cannot wait to share all of my favorite parts of it.
Let's get right into the post!


Haircuts for the boys!!
These were so necessary, and the boys had Thursday off from school for parent-teacher conferences. It was the perfect day to grab new haircuts for them! They got the royal treatment too!
The Befores:

The During:

The Afters:

They look oh so handsome.
We went to Sports Clips, & both boys asked for the VIP treatment! That includes cut, style, wash, & massage. Their hair was washed while they were relaxing in a massage chair, and then the stylist topped it all off with a shoulder massage!!
What the what?!
While they got their hair cut, this cutie was all too sassy waiting!

Sassy girl 100%!!
She and those handsome boys are definite favorites!!


The boys' school is having an art fundraiser, and y'all I am LOVING these pictures that they drew!

Now I just have to decide exactly what I'm going to buy. My heart is saying that I need a magnet of the dragon and the seahorse because they rock!!


On Wednesdays we cheer!
This is her absolute favorite night of the week!
We love our little Kitty Hawks at Top Gun, and she has improved so much! She has her bridge down perfectly, and her cart wheel & back walk overs are coming right along too. She is building so much upper body strength, and she is working her tail off! I'm for sure a proud Cheer Mom!!


As life has settled down a little for us, that has left us with plenty of time to enjoy running errands together! I will definitely be missing these times next year while she's in Kindergarten, so until then, I'm going to soak up every minute with her!

One not favorite this week was taking all the kids to get their flu shots. 2 out of 3 cried, and then Nataleigh has developed a cruddy cough since Tuesday's appointment. Asthma is proving to be a serious battle for us, but we are trusting that in His timing that she will have asthma's number!!


All the school stuff this week!
Mom brag post coming up!!

We reached the end of the first 9 weeks, and both boys brought home GREAT report cards. Like I said earlier, we had parent-teacher conferences yesterday, and they went so well. On top of gushing about how hardworking both of the boys are, the teachers couldn't stop talking about the kindness both boys show everyone. I'm proud of the work that the boys have put in so far academically, but I'm most proud of their character. They are good boys who love people big! They happily show love and respect to everyone they meet. We were basically beaming as we walked out of that school yesterday!

Also, their school pictures came home this week, and oh my HEART!!!
 My handsome 4th grader!!
So Lifetouch sent home just proofs of Carson's picture, so I called them because we were missing our pictures. They were beyond helpful. They saw where we had already paid & our pictures weren't sent out. They made it more than right, and within 4 weeks those precious pictures will be displayed!!

I just have to share a story about Carson that is continually shared with me.
There's a little girl in his class that has some physical and educational challenges. He has taken her completely under his wing. Her one-on-one teacher, his teacher, and another instructional aide have stopped me & messaged me about their little friendship. She loves Carson, and he loves her. He makes sure she's protected, always picked, and always laughing. They sit next to each other because the little girl looks forward to school now because of Carson. I just love how he will go out of his way to make sure a little girl, who I'm sure has been over-looked by other kids, feel like the most special child ever. His heart is so big, and I couldn't be prouder of him!!

This was such a nice week for the Hensley 5, and we have some big plans this weekend. It's all going to be fun!!
The boys have their first basketball practice of the Fall/Winter season, and I have a girls' night out with Nataleigh!!
We are going to see.....

Look out Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash because the Hensley girls are heading your way!!

Today we are linking up with NarciAndrea, & Erika for Friday Favorites!!

Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend y'all!!



  1. What a fun week you have had! I am so glad (and not surprised!) that conferences went well. Sounds like you are in for a fun weekend! Happy Friday!

    1. Yes!! I was a proud mama after conferences!! :) Hope your weekend was amazing!!