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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tough Times Don't Last

Life has been crazy, stressful, real, and raw lately for us, and y'all I've been struggling with stress, anxieties, and fears big time. It's felt like if it could happen or go wrong, then it will. I don't know about you, but when I'm tired or stressed, every issue is magnified. I want to sit here & tell you that when these days/weeks happen that I go to Scriptures and prayer, but I don't. I'm real, and I doubt. Then I beat myself up over my lack of faith, which normally leads to several sleepless nights, and did I mention that I'm already beyond exhausted?!

So how do I get out of these ruts?!

I lay it all down. I get real with myself & God. I let him know where I'm struggling most. Normally these prayers are through a lot of tears..both sad & angry tears! Pretending that those emotions aren't real just prolongs the issues. Prayer is supposed to be a safe place for Christians, and y'all, God already knows what is in my heart before I even pray it. Why lie or pretend during prayer time?! 

During these times of honest prayers, I'm often reminded a couple of truths. I'm first reminded that Satan wants me exhausted and easily distracted. He relishes when Christian, especially moms, are stressed because he's able to take our attention from the task of raising our babies & loving our hubbies. Early in this blog, Joe shared a series of posts, This Means War, and it was all about the reality of spiritual warfare. Don't be naive, friend, Satan is real, and he wants control of your mind and emotions. 
Also, I'm reminded that difficult times don't last. Weathering the storms of life often leads to the sweetest times. I truly believe that my family is at a major turning point, and even though it has been stressful lately, it is getting ready to be incredibly peaceful. We are currently praying over some HUGE things for us, and I know that we must remain faithful to His promise, even if it's easy to focus on the storm.
Finally, I ask Him for the peace that only He can give, and He is beyond gracious with that peace!

Today I challenge you to be real & raw with yourself & with God. 

How can I pray for you also?!



  1. I said a prayer for you, that you continue to trust in God and he works amazing things in your life.

  2. Oh sweet momma, you are so strong in Christ. We all need heaps of grace and I can get there so fast! So thankful for you and our budding friendship! xoxo ERIN