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Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up {All Things Cinderella}

Another weekend in the books for the Hensley 5!
Does anyone else out there just feel like the weekends are not long enough.
I know we need a couple more hours each day, but then we would just cram it even more full of stuff, so now it's Monday & we're all exhausted!
This weekend was all about Fall fun & our favorite Cinderella people!! It was a super fun & super sparkly weekend, so let's get straight into the recap!


Nataleigh woke up in her sponge rollers only to discover that her hair is still stick straight! In the pageant world, my sweet girl has some hair issues. We are still trying to find the best way to get those gorgeous curls, but this hair-illiterate mama is struggling!

We needed the curlers for an appearance that afternoon, but a curly ponytail + crown made for a cute pumpkin patch look!
 Nat & Emma
 "Keep your face towards the sun & the shadows will always fall behind you."
-Walt Whitman

 TN Royalty with our favorite director!!

This silly girl was excited because 'picture time' was finished, and that meant she could take her crown off & play...And play she did!!
 When you're the baby, you always have someone willing to push you on the swings! We love our Cindy sisters so much!!

She also loved this HUGE slide!!

 And after successfully finding her way with her friends through the corn maze, she wanted her picture taken with this truck!
 Hay-ridin' to the pumpkin patch!
 some people don't love selfies....
but I love these mamas!!!

She found the perfect pumpkin, and she was so proud of herself.
We had a blast with our Cinderella family at Kyker Farms.

While Nataleigh & I were having fun at the pumpkin patch, Joe took the boys to a local high school football game. They thoroughly enjoyed 'boys night out,' even though JOE someone snapped ZERO pictures!!


After a busy day/evening Friday, we all wanted to just relax, but we started Saturday early. We are in the early stages of buying a house, so we went to check out a couple of homes to get an idea of what we are actually, realistically looking for in a home. 

We then watched another dreadful UT game. We had talked about sneaking down to Neyland Stadium for the day, but I'd rather watch us lose in the comforts of my home with plenty of ice cream to take the sting out!

All in all it was a pretty calm Saturday for the Hensley 5!


We left our home early because we had a full day working at a preliminary pageant in Anderson County, TN! It was a HUGE pageant with a lot of girls competing, especially in the 3-6 age group, and it was a lot of work for both Nataleigh & the other Royalty. 

While we worked, these boys went to church & lunch together. The fellas in my life are just the most handsome & fun, but they just do not want to spend their weekends in pageant world!

Back to the pageant....
 first half of Nataleigh's group!
 2nd half!!
 The entire Tot group just before backstage interview started!
 Nataleigh has to bring a little Good-Luck gift to each prelim for each contestant, and she was so proud of these gifts!!
 TN Royalty!
 Hanging backstage with some of our favorites:
Emma, Rissa, & Masie!!
 She was exhausted from 'working hard.'
She had to individually walk each contestant out to the emcee for their onstage interview, and by about the 6th contestant, she was done. She just wanted to sit down, but the girls waiting wanted to play!
 Her favorite part was watching each of her favorite people perform their talents. I'm telling y'all that this one cannot wait to perform also. She's a natural!!
 Another job for the day was handing out the certificates for those who were just practicing Sunday, and she took great pride in this job!
 Awards time!
 Crowning the Knoxville Tot!
 LOVE Ms. Jill!!
After grabbing a quick bite with the Cinderella girls, my princess was gone on the way home. It was a solid 2-hour drive, and it rained the entire way.

We love the challenges and the fun that every Cinderella experience brings us. Our Cinderella family absolutely is the best, and seriously, if you've ever thought about trying a pageant, definitely check out the Cinderella system. Also, if you're in North Caroline & Tennessee, join our family!!

It's Magic...Cinderella Magic!


  1. When you are reigning, I assume you cannot compete again? So then will you compete again next year??? Looks like a busy weekend for sure but a fun one! xoxo ERIN

    1. In this system, we cannot compete during our year of reigning, and I am not exactly sure if she can compete again as a Tot in Tennessee. The age groups are 3-6, so she has several years left before she moves up in age groups. She can continue to compete in Dallas, but I'm not sure about TN. It's a lot of fun though!!

  2. Try hot rollers or a curling wand for curls and lots of hair spray. Or also did u ever hear of rag rollers?

    1. We used hot rollers this weekend, but I just got so spoiled having a hair dresser fix her hair while we were competing in Dallas. I'm going to look at those rag rollers.