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Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey Hey Hey!!
It's Monday, and we had such a good weekend. It was full of family, friends, and so much fun! I cannot wait to share with y'all all about our weekend!


We kicked this weekend off with a little scare!
Joe goes to workout every single morning, and he always gets back to the house around 7:05. Friday morning I got a call from him at that time saying he had hit a deer!!
Thankfully it was a smaller deer that did minimal damage, but still, it wasn't the best way to wake up and start the day. 
After getting the boys off to school, Nataleigh & I ran some errands because we had some big plans for the night!

After school, we dropped the boys off with Joe because they had their first basketball practice of the Fall/Winter season.
They grabbed dinner after practice at our favorite spot...Barbaritos!
My handsome fellas!!

While they practiced and enjoyed boys' night, I snuck Nataleigh to the movies!
She has been asking to see the new My Little Pony Movie since the trailers were released. It was a much needed girly night out with my princess!!
 She had to bring her Twilight Sparkle with us!

Large Coke Icees were a must!!
As were our go-to candies...
Buncha Crunch for mama & Krabby Patties for Nat!!
We also shared a LARGE popcorn!
The movie was adorable. It was exactly what you would expect a MLP movie to be...lots of rainbows, lots of sparkles, and lots of music & dancing!
She crashed on the way home!!!
{We were parked in the driveway, & I had already started the unbuckling process. She was just too sweet sleeping in the back!}


The Hensley 5 enjoyed lots of late-morning snuggling & soccer! I shared HERE LAST WEEK that I'm loving me some English Premiere League football. We spent Saturday morning watching my team, Chelsea, beat Watford, and it was wonderful!
Nat and I then joined my mama at her hair appointment, so my hairstylist, Alex, could teach me how to use Nataleigh's new hot rollers. We had made plans to have some royalty pictures taken afterwards since her hair would look so good, but mama forgot her sash!!
Big, cheesy smile & all!!
After we got home, Joe, the kids, and I headed to the grocery store for some food for the week!
The boys were requesting chili for Sunday, and I needed to grab some of the ingredients!
Nataleigh loves these little buggies so much, and clearly Stephen isn't amused!!

Jojo & I grabbed a couple of our favorite brands newer flavors, and y'all they are soooo good!!
 pancakes & waffles
This tastes like syrup & deliciousness!
Oh my stars!!
This left us speechless.
So, so good!!


On Sundays we go to church, and we love our precious church oh so much!!
 My favorite kiddos!!!
 Oh handsome boys!!!
 Sassy girl!!
Close up of our favorite dress!!
Dress | Boots | Bow

After church we grabbed lunch with some of our favorite friends, and then Nataleigh & I headed to have some royalty pictures made with Nana & my grandmother, Mim!

And after the pictures, she played for a bit, while we figured out what would work!!

 "Mom take my picture like dis!"
Fall perfection!!

She was so, so good that we snuck to Toys R Us for a few minutes. It worked out because my grandmother wanted to go ahead & grab the boys' Christmas gifts, and Nataleigh needed a little prize!

These are Nat's favorite new toy, and I think they, along with the LOL Dollz, will be big Christmas toys for little girls!!
She loved this orchid display at the grocery store so much, and she was just too cute!!

We got home & finished our chili & baked some cookies for our boys!

Yum & double YUM!!

Don't ya love getting messages from fellow girl moms with photography skills that send you sweet memories from the summer?!
{Take us back to Dallas}
Thanks Tina for this precious shot of our girls!!
We love you, Mabry!!

Sunday we rounded our weekend with some good ole wrasslin'!!
{but I really love the Miz too}

Happy Monday, friends!!



  1. What a fun weekend and N is so dang photogenic, her yellow dress, hat and fringe boots are too cute. Glad Joe's car is not more damaged and he is okay. I am surprised Vera hasn't asked about the Pony movie yet ;). xoxo ERIN

    1. It was such a cute movie! We are big MLP fans though! Thanks for your sweet words about N. She ❤️❤️❤️Taking pictures & being all girly, so I guess she’s found her element for this season.