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Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had such a good weekend!! It was full of friends, family, and so much fun! We even had the littlest bit of snowflakes which just made the weekend even better!

I shared last week HERE all about the boys celebrating Red Ribbon week, and we ended it with the boys dressing like "jean"-uses. They really were too adorable!
Then Nataleigh & I ran errands all day, and one included me getting a microdermabrasion treatment at Oasis Skincare Center. It was amazing. A girl that I went to high school with was having a beauty treatment party to showcase several different treatments, and I've always been interested in microdermabrasion. Now I'm even more interested in it, because my skin has felt so amazing since Friday!
{I should have done a before & after, but I didn't think of it because Mama needed her moment}

I felt overwhelmed & like I was going crazy all day, and it turns out that I'm basically a walking Snickers commercial. I was hungry & needed some carbs desperately!
My go-to pizza is the hawaiian pizza on thin crust from Pizza Hut! I ate way too much, and we all had pizza night regret. It was so worth it for the mood changer that it was!

Saturday we snuggled & watch soccer!
Both Joe & my teams won nail-biters, and we were pretty excited!

Boom Shakalaka!!

Then Nataleigh & I headed to her cheerleading team-building fun @ Quantum Leap in Johnson City. The girls & their coaches were jumping and running around the trampoline park, and the mamas all hung out & talked. It was so nice seeing the coaches so invested in their girls, and it was also nice to catch up with some amazing mamas!
 Some of the girls with Coach Sam & Coach Rachel!!
 Nataleigh & sweet Ava!!
{Matilda Jane for days with these girls}
Then we had to stop by the photobooth before leaving!!
{Love my girl}

Later that night, Joe & I had two Halloween get-togethers to go to, so we dropped the kiddos off for a night with Nana! Gigi was there, and they had the best stinkin' time ever!!
no one else this kitty cat wants to Hallo-win with than you, Michael Myers JOJO!!
Joe & Kent
[Michael Myers & Harry Carey]
Me with my favorite Rockford Peach, Christie!
Christie & Kent mean so much to Joe & I, and we are soooooo thankful for their genuine friendships!!
Love these people!!
Thanks Christie for snapping this picture of me with my boo!!

We then headed to our other friends', & favorite bosses, house for a fun Halloween/Football watching party.
How great is Larry dressing up like Larry Culpepper!!
We watched another miserable UT game while playing ping pong & pool with these guys!
Seriously though, Joe & I have been through so much with friends circles, and to see 2 + years later how God has healed so many of our relationships is amazing. The journey hasn't always been easy, and most days it didn't feel worth it. It has been more than worth every trial we've been through!

Sunday we headed to Hickory Tree Union Church for Old Fashion & Pastor Appreciation Day. We had a bluegrass trio sing to start our services, Joe preaching from Philippians, and then a fun fellowship together. This church will never know the extent of healing that it has provided this church-hurt family. Their willingness to be a true New Testament church is evident. They are quick to help & love their congregation in anyway they can. They exercise grace & forgiveness, and they don't hold one person above all others. They have healed those places in our family's hearts that I really, honestly never thought would be healed again.
To God be ALL glory!

Yes, he preached in those overalls, & he's ALL mine!

It was super chilly here this weekend, like snowflakes in the air, so we got home from church & snuggled for Sunday naps. I then headed to the grocery store for stuff for the week & dinner last night! I fixed THIS YUMMY SOUP again, and again it was a HUGE hit in the Hensley house! It makes such a huge pot of soup, so we'll be enjoying this all week!!

I also grabbed some of the yummiest cake from the church fellowship from today.
I mean, totally not healthy, but totally scrumptious!

One funny, unphotographed event from this weekend is that my mom last month for Stephen's birthday bought him a laser tag set, and we finally got it all set up. They kiddos are addicted to it, and it's the funniest thing to watch them chasing each other with laser guns. The best part was Saturday they each wanted their own turns against Joe, and he demolished both boys pretty easily. Well, Nataleigh wanted her turn too, and both boys helped her win. It was so funny and so fun to watch.

These kinds of weekends are my favorites. Not too many pictures were taken because we were busy living in the moments.
These weekends leave us with the most memories!!

Happy Monday, friends!!
We hope your weekend was just as full of family, friends, and oh so much fun!



  1. What a fun weekend! So glad you got in a date night with friends. How fun!

    1. That date night was looooooong over due! Thankful for my tribe!!

  2. Now I am hungry for cake, yum! I am glad you have found healing in a church. And those overalls are awesome and he preached them, even better! xoxo ERIN

    1. Those overalls....all the heart eyes, right?! hahaha I love that sweet church so much!