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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Hensley Halloween

Yesterday we celebrated Halloween 2017, and it was so much fun. Somehow we came out of there with an insane amount of candy & sweets, and we easily had the best time ever together.

..Let's get right into the photo-overload from Halloween 2017..

We kicked the day off by sending the boys to school, and the Tennessee Tot wishing everyone the happiest of Halloweens!!

After a morning of play & cleaning up a bit, it was time to get a certain princess ready to be another certain Beauty...

Belle hair was complete with the GOLD Metallic Stack from One Stop Bow Shop. It's seriously a #MUSTHAVE for this approaching holiday season!!
I even got in the Halloween spirit with my favorite orange denim & my black ballet flats!!

We then grabbed the boys from school, changed everyone, & then headed to our favorite stop of the night...

Mim & Poppy's house!
My grandparents have always lived on a very private road which leads to very few trick-or-treaters, so we always stop there first. They always give the kiddos too much candy. They also spoil each baby with so much attention and love for their costumes. They are just the best, always!!

This year we took the kids to Target to let them pick out their own costumes with little help from us. What we got is no real surprise, but each costume so represents who each of the Hensley kids are in our family!
Stephen as Lego Batman.
Predictable & a natural leader!
He always, always picks something with a mask. The best part of the costume was that it was mislabeled with the size. It was clearly a size smaller than he needed, which made this so much funnier!!
Carson as our Taco!!
Our comedian showed his personality in full force. This was a favorite among trick-or-treaters, as we would hear "follow the taco" left and right! 
He knows just how to get a laugh at the right minute!!
Nataleigh as Belle!!
She struggled this year picking out a costume, so she went with what is most comfortable for her...A Princess. She first wanted to be a mermaid, then a unicorn, and then Elena. When the Elena costume wouldn't fit her tiny frame, she happily settled for Belle, and honestly she made the most beautiful Belle ever!!

After visiting with my grandparents, we met up with some friends for an early trip around the subdivision.
On our way there, Carson fell asleep. He had been on an all-day field trip, and I think he just needed that little power nap!!
That's one tired taco!

But first let us grab some pictures!
 These girls were too cute. Too often the boys ran ahead, quickly heading from door-to-door, but these three stuck together for the most part...well until Nataleigh was tired of walking & carrying her bucket that was way too full of candy!
Love her!!!
We even found this scary, cute zombie cheerleader along the way. Kensley is a cute, sassy girl from Carson's class. 
After circling the subdivision, it was time to meet up with Joe for round 2, and everyone knows what a sweet surprise this was when I opened the Starburst....
....2 pink starbursts....
We met up with Joe, Larry, and Brady, and the boys just couldn't resist shooting some basketball really quick!
 "Batman still gots it, mom!"
 Belle + Batman = SUPER CUTE
 Round 2 included running from door-to-door, and even nabbing some freshly popped popcorn, hot chocolate, and caramel apples from some precious people!
Oh, and it also meant running into even more friends!

I just couldn't pass up the chance for a perfectly timed #tacotuesday picture...

At Taco Bell with my Taco Belle!!!!

We then swung by my mama's house for one last stop of the night.
Love this crazy crew!!

We ended the night with the boys watching Smackdown, & Nataleigh falling asleep at the dinner table.
We go big in our house, and this little one just couldn't hang anymore!
Our two rounds of Trick-or-Treating got us way too much candy, and honestly I don't know what we'll do with it all. It was so much fun though!
I hope your Halloween was spooktacular & fun!!

Happy November 1st!!
{How is that even possible?!}