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Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Favorites..11.10.2017

It's Friday, y'all!!
We've made it through another week, and today I have a random assortment of Friday Favorites!

Let's get right into it.


Our Family Pictures!!
I shared HERE yesterday our pictures, and I seriously am in major love with all of them.
I may or may not be already planning another session!
[insert all the heart eyes]


This week's favorite lunch!
Okay, I know I've shared before how much that I heart roasted broccoli, and this week has been no different.
I start with some basic white rice. (I had basmati rice on hand, but any rice will do).
Then I chopped my broccoli.
I chop it into pretty small, bite-sized pieces, and then toss it with olive oil, salt, and pepper.
I roast my broccoli the same way every day.
375 degrees for 20 minutes, and you get the crunchiest broccoli chips ever!
Top the rice with the broccoli, & it's a simple, healthy {& kind} meal. I know my sister-in-law would appreciate it! I know that this meal isn't some earth-shattering meal, but it's so, so good!

Then once I get to car pick-up line, I do myself no diet favors...
Rainbow chip cookies for all the balance, right?!


Mom Humor!
I mean, we all have those weeks, whether it's the homework the kiddos bring home or the coughing 4-year old who doesn't want to go to bed, that test our motherhood limits. I needed some well-timed laughs this week, and I just have to share them, because laughing will ALWAYS be a favorite.

 all the praise hands!!

This is Stephen 1000000%, but it's randomly throughout the day as well. Just yesterday, on the way home from school, he informed me all about the differences between incomplete and complete metamorphoses.
I seriously giggled so hard at this one. Where was this in the parenting books?!


Nat writing her name.
Guys..we are getting there. She can spell her name. She recognizes her name, but she's been pretty apprehensive about writing her name. It's totally our fault too. Why did we think that we were so clever with adding letters? We should have removed a couple, here and there?! She was determined yesterday, and she did a pretty good job on her first attempt. We are going to keep adding letters, but what were we thinking naming her such a long name?!


These songs...

These are our current jam-session favorites!
My kiddos & I can put on some pretty amazing dance-offs to these songs, and the windows will be rolled down while we are belting these songs..guaranteed!


Veterans Day
My super handsome grandfather when he was enlisted. Both boys are taking a picture of him to school today for their Veterans Day program, and I'm so thankful for the men & women like him who proudly served our country. May we not forget their service as well as the service of their families!
God bless America!

Happy Friday, friends.

We have some big-time fun planned for this weekend, and hopefully a sick little girl's plans don't get too changed. 
What fun do you and your's have planned?!



  1. Solon's favorite band is the Imagination Dragons so we love Thunder around here. I also love your Christmas cards and those memes are awesome, especially using tights as a swaddle. LOL! xoxo ERIN

    1. :) thanks friend!! I’m so excited about our pictures!