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Monday, November 27, 2017

Life Lately {Thanksgiving Edition}

Happy Monday after a holiday, said no one ever!!
And it's Monday after Thanksgiving!
{Yoga pants for the win!}

We had a super sweet, relaxing long holiday weekend. We spent so, so much time together, with family, and with friends, and it was just the break we needed!

Our holidays started with an early dismissal from school on Tuesday, and then we spent the rest of the day on the farm with Mim & Poppy!
Whoop whoop!!!

Wednesday was a day full of cleaning & packing for all 5 of us for 1 night in Asheville, NC. We have had strep already invade our house this fall/winter, so I wanted to wash all the bedding. That takes an entire day, but it's so worth it to have freshly-cleaned sheets!

We then headed to my in-laws, and just enjoyed time with them.
We even grabbed our nephew, Camden, to surprise Mimi & Popow. There was lots of giggles, squeals, and basketball games played! It was a relaxing day filled with love & yummy food!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Tennessee Royalty!

We then came back to Tennessee, & we swung by to see my family for a little bit!

We grabbed some quick pictures, and we cannot not have a silly-faced picture.
The Hensley kids were so excited because my cousin, Lucy, & her family were in town from Knoxville, and that means that Baby Eli was here!!

Oh they love them some Baby Eli some kinda big!

Then my mom & I headed out to do a little Black Friday shopping!
Did you shop?!
We grabbed some good deals, but we were home & in bed before actual "Black Friday."
Also, everyone we saw was polite, courteous, and it was so organized. The lines weren't too crazy, so we were able to enjoy it!
My favorite find is one that I grab every single year. Old Navy always has these slippers on sale for under $10, and I always grab a new pair!

We grabbed a quick lunch @ our favorite spot, Barberitos.

These boys are pretty happy with their spinach burritos, and this mama is just thankful that they are eating another veggie!!
& this girl just loves 'stealing' my quesadilla!
They even offered a complimentary cup of Russian Tea, which is one of my favorite holiday beverages EVER!!
Then we grabbed our new obsession...
Y'all...I have no words for these pies.
We've not tried a pie from here that we haven't liked, and I think I'm going to grab a couple of the mini pies for my family's Christmas celebration!!

Then headed to our friends' cabin in the middle of nowhere. It was such a great afternoon/evening spent with no cell phones & lots of fun!

Friday night we got in super late, and since I drove home, Jojo & the kiddos let mama sleep in late.
{All the praise hands}
While the boys headed to practice...
Nataleigh put on her fanciest dress for an afternoon @ Mim & Poppy's!

& that twirl!!
I was loving these sweet little freckles on this sweet little nose!
Then I spent HOURS changing our phones & phone plans.
But it's done, and I'm so happy with the iPhone 8+!
And I spent the rest of Saturday night folding laundry!

Sunday, we headed to church!
{broke out the Christmas dresses & accessories}
& took silly selfies with these fellas!

None of us were ready for Monday & the real world, but now we are all counting down to Christmas break!!

Happy Cyber Monday!



  1. Amen counting down to the next break and it looks like such a lovely fun weekend! xoxo ERIN