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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Life Lately

Hey there, Wednesday!
Well, we've made it to Hump Day of another week, and that brings us even closer to Thanksgiving break. You can do it, mama!

We've been busily trucking along through the week!!

First we decorated Jo Helen's house. She is my precious grandmother, and she's basically my BFF. Her health is failing, and she's not exactly the same Jo Helen that she was. Dementia is slowly claiming her mind, but I just love her so much. Decorating has become a burden on my grandfather, and it's become one of my favorite days of the year with Jo Helen.
 {required grabbing the Gator to get the decorations}
 It's missing the tree skirt, but do you notice that cute little Tennessee Elf on the Shelf?!
Her fireplace, mantle, and built-ins are my favorite parts to decorate. I love sorting and rearranging all of her amazing antiques.

This year's decorating was just a super blessing for me. I know these moments are growing fewer, and I want to treasure every single one of them!

We are also in full-swing basketball mode with the boys, and we love it!
Monday, Carson had practice, and Stephen was asked to be an added player for some 5-on-5 action! To put it mildly, he was ecstatic!

We grocery shopped...with ease!!
Officially #obsessed with Walmart grocery pickup!

Our favorite 2nd grader had his Thanksgiving program, and it didn't disappoint!
He was the cutest Native American, and he delivered his line perfectly!

We couldn't be prouder of our guy!!

We were so excited to find these two cuties' names on the Perfect Attendance for October bulletin board!

And we are spending a lot of time snuggling...

We have a pretty busy week left, but we are used to it by now. We have a BIG doctor's appointment on Thursday for Nataleigh with the pulmonologists in Knoxville, and we covet your prayers. We are praying that specifically that her lungs are clear, and that the respiratory tests show that she using significantly more of her lungs.
To God be the glory....



  1. What a great blog...the way you talk about momma makes me cry. Thanks for sharing Brit

  2. Obsessed with Walmart grocery and I love that you decorated your grandmother's house, you are right, those moments are fleeting and so special :) xoxo ERIN

    1. Yes!! She’s just an incredible woman, and she deserves the best!

  3. I love that you decorated your grandma's house. What a great memory to make. I am waiting for the grocery pickup at our WalMart. Keeping you all in my prayers for Nataleigh's appointment!

    1. The grocery pick up is a game-changer! We also have a local grocery chain that offers delivery!!!