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Monday, November 13, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up 11.13.2017

Hey, Hey Monday!!
Whaddya say?!

Shew!! I don't know about y'all, but we had a crazy, busy weekend. It was a good warm-up though for all the fun we are going to have in a few weeks when we get together for the Cinderella Christmas.

Friday, the boys were beyond excited to take a picture each of their great-grandfather, Poppy, to school with them for their Veterans' Day program.

We are so very thankful for all the Veterans & their families as they bravely serve and have served!

I'm hooked big time to these sausage biscuits from my favorite place ever...Pals, so we swung by there after dropping the boys off at school.
Everything there is amazing, but these biscuits are ah-mazing!

Then we stopped by to see my grandparents.
They offered to keep Nataleigh while I ran some errands, and I was so thankful for that little break!
She loves Poppy & Mim super big, and I'm not sure who is babysitting who here!?
[She was teaching him how to play a Hello Kitty nail app on her iPad!]

I ran to my current favorite place, Oasis Skincare Center, for a dermaplane procedure. A couple weeks ago I won a drawing for this procedure, and y'all, it didn't disappoint!
My skin has never felt smoother!
{Seriously, call Lindsay today for an appointment!!}

Then we grabbed the boys, some new movies for the DVD players in the car, and headed to grab some dinner before basketball!
Peace & Quiet!!

Ain't no shame in our Waffle House game!!
And then we headed to practice...
Both boys had practice @ the same time, so I took Nataleigh & Carson to his practice. It was so nice to just sit there & watch that sweet baby boy practice his little heart out!!

Saturday morning, the boys headed to the barber shop for haircuts, and they came out of there even cuter!!


Then Nataleigh & I got everything ready for our over-night trip to Gatlinburg.

While we spent the weekend with our Cindy sisters, the boys had boys' weekend!
 {a hole in one}
& frosties!!

These boys have the best dad ever!
He loves them & Nataleigh big, and they have such an amazing friendship!

Nataleigh & I picked up Ella Grace & headed up the mountain to meet up with their sister queens!

And we sat in almost 2 hours worth of traffic.
Thank goodness for Ella because she kept Nataleigh entertained & oh so happy while we waited to move. This time of year is CRAZY full of tourists, but it is also so much fun & even more beautiful!

The girls put their crowns on & hit the strip!

& took loads of pictures.

The crown almost made her tall enough for the Ripley's ride!
Ripley's Museum fun!!

 Rubbing the happy buddha's belly!!
Nataleigh thought this was HILARIOUS

 This interactive floor game was her favorite!!

The rest of the girls got there, and they opened their presents.
The cutest spirit jerseys ever!!!
(Thanks Cathy)
Then they headed up the tram to Ober Gatlinburg!

My brave girl LOVED it!!
She had an absolute blast, and she even saw the lights of the real Barbie Dreamhouse!!

Photos & more photos!
We then headed back down the mountain for cake & bed!
6 queens, 4 mamas, and 1 toddler was quite the circus to get to bed!!

Sunday, everyone woke up bright & early and started getting ready for a photoshoot!
All these girls woke up so beautifully..even after a certain cute 4-year old kept them up chit-chatting!
After everyone got ready, we headed for pictures.
It was freezing cold outside, but seriously, Gatlinburg is so beautiful this time of year!
Constant love & attention!!

Even lipstick kisses on her cheeks!!
After the shoot, we headed back down the mountain & homeward..

But not before a cake pop & a hot chocolate to help us thaw out!
& a caramel brulee latte for mama!
It wasn't long before this was my view. She napped until pretty late in the afternoon, but the baby was tired!
While we were busy in Gatlinburg, the boys were looking adorable at church!
My favorite boys!
My real favorite picture from Sunday morning with the boys!
Carson is just such a funny, goofy boy!
And just how great is that man of mine snapping these pictures without being asked.

After grabbing some pizza for dinner, I decided to try out this Walmart grocery pick-up.
So I ordered my groceries in the peace & comfort of my pjs & couch, and I love it!!
Now I just have to roll in there tomorrow & pick them up!!
{praise hands}
Click HERE if you are interested, too.

Shew...I told y'all that we had a busy weekend, and if you are reading this, then thank you for sticking through the photo-overload that today's post was. I know I often say that we are busy, but I love, love, love our busy, little life. Life is always different & unexpected, and that is one of my favorite parts of life. Also, being busy like we are, really helps us appreciate simpler, quieter, calmer moments to the fullest. I'll sleep when I'm old, right?!

Happy Monday, friends!