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Monday, November 20, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up 11.20.2017

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend. It was relaxing & oh so fun! I took very few pictures this weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed those times with my favorite people!

Friday, we woke up to our first heavy frost of the season, and the kids just relished the magic of the frost.
Well, two of them were excited about snapping a picture with the frost!!

The boys each had basketball at two different schools, so we divided and conquered!
I watched this sweet little guy play his tail off in the first scrimmage of the year. He came out of there with a lay-up, 2 free throw attempts, and a handful of steals. I love this kid's heart!

The boys grabbed showers, and I folded laundry while watching Hallmark, of course!
Seriously, is there anything better?!

Saturday, we busted it early to my grandparents' house. Joe, Poppy, and Stephen took some cattle to the stockyard, and the littles & I tried to get all of my grandmother's Christmas shopping finished. I almost got it finished for her. 
{just don't ask about my list!}
Two of the best best friends there ever was!!
I cherish that my kiddos get to grow up making these memories with my grandparents. It's something I definitely don't take for granted!!
He even got a little driving lesson with the Gator & Poppy!

Saturday, Stephen had his second practice of the weekend, and then we loaded up to head to a friend's cabin.
Oh em gee...
I knew Tennessee was beautiful, but this cabin took it to another level.

Here are some of the views.
It's basically surrounded by the Cherokee National Forest, and it was such a fun, relaxing night!

We got home late, so I made an early Sunday morning run to my favorite spot...Dunkin' Donuts, surprising the kids with some sugary treats before church!
Then we snapped our favorite Sunday Funday picture at our favorite church!
Nataleigh's outfit was so cute & great for yesterday's chilly morning!!!
Sweet Carson wanted to make a prayer list while we waited for Sunday School.
I love his heart!
And this just got us all tickled.
It's like Nataleigh said, "Na" to giving thanks, but she really just got bored while writing her name.
Oh Kindergarten is going to be fun next year. Let's just all pray that her teacher let's her write "Nat" on everything!
We ended the weekend watching WWE's Survivor Series, and I finished up my grocery shopping & this post!

We needed this weekend after the week we had. I shared on Instagram {britthensley} that we didn't really get a lot of answers at Nataleigh's pulmonogist appointment in Knoxville, but I seriously couldn't brag on her enough. She was a bright, positive spot for every nurse, doctor, and administrator that we had contact with Thursday. She was polite, funny, and beyond kind. She still has stuff, mucous plugs more than likely, showing up in her chest x-rays, so the doctors want us to increase her steroid inhalers. We are hoping that we hear/see some improvements by her January appointment. We are trusting God's plan and hands in this situation. I know so many who have kids that have it far worse than we do, so we are thanking Him for His overwhelming goodness.

Brave & beautiful!!

She did surprise us all with testing positive for strep!
She had zero symptoms, and y'all, this was just the cherry on top of the frustrating day at the hospital.

Pray for this sweet girl as we continue to try to figure out what is going on. She's a fighter, & she is the toughest little thing ever!

Happy Monday, y'all!!


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