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Monday, November 6, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up 11.6.17

Our weekend was yet again a full weekend.
We did, thankfully, have some moments of rest, and they were needed!


Friday was a normal school day for the boys, and then after school they had basketball practice. It's been a struggle lately to get Nataleigh to pick up her room. Seriously, last week whenever we asked her to clean her room, she would put herself down for either a nap or bed.
Friday was no different, but while the boys were at practice, this little girl got her room cleaned by herself!
{All the praise hands}
We then fixed THIS chicken casserole..YUMMY..for dinner!
Then we got showers completed & face masks on, because Nataleigh asked for a girls' night!
 Silly faces + blue face mask = girls time!
We snuggled & watched the Nightmare Before Christmas, and my girl loved her some Jack & Sally!!

After putting the kiddos to bed, I stayed up and curled my hair.
I knew the morning would be hectic before going for our family pictures, so if I only had touch-ups to do on myself, then we would be rolling. We only left 5 minutes later than we had hoped, but we still got there on time!!
{praise hands again}


We started the morning hustlin' & bustlin' to get to our family pictures. Y'all...it's been forever since we had family pictures made, and I was so stressed out.
But we got everyone ready & in the car & smiling!
When we got to the location, the session before ours' was still going, so of course, my crew was so wild & crazy. They were led by their ring leader..my silly hubby!

 I was so stressed out, and even though in the moment I didn't love this craziness, now looking back it was perfection. It kept the kiddos loose & having fun, and today, I'm so thankful, today more than ever, for this crazy man of mine!

I will say though that these babies are so beautiful, & I'm so happy that they are ours'!

When we got back from pictures, we were so excited that the Matilda Jane order I placed last week had arrived while we were @ pictures. It originally said it would have been delivered the night before, so I had started planning completely different outfits for the kids around the dresses on their way. The shipping notification changed, so our outfits changed also!
We had to model the outfits immediately.
And seriously, the blanket is ahhh-mazing on so many levels!!
It's beautiful, soft, and I'd love to let you know how you can get one for yourself. Just send me a message!!
The boys had another round of basketball, and Nataleigh had their mandatory cheer choreography with Mr. Rondon on Saturday afternoon.
The cutest thing I've literally ever seen. These tinies are working so hard, and they had a blast working with Mr. Rondon. He even Facetimed Santa as motivation, and y'all it worked. I may need that app to survive these next couple of weeks.

After basketball, Joe dropped Stephen off at a friends' house for birthday sleepover, and then he & Carson met us girls for dinner & fun!
 Egg Drop Soup
& half-priced sushi at one of our favorites Stir Fry Cafe!
Then we took the littles for some Starbucks, and Nataleigh loved trying a SBX hot chocolate.
She was one happy camper!!

Joe has been wearing a QALO Ring for over 2 years now, and since his weight loss, his current ring has been falling off. We went hunting for a new one!
Sometimes I wish my family could just be normal in places, but alas, they would rather be fun!

Seriously, a head lock from a mannequin!?
Shew..they keep me laughing & definitely on my toes!!


While I went to grab Stephen from the sleepover, Joe managed to get these 2 to not only look adorable, but also to take a loving picture together BEFORE church!
[heart eyes]

Stephen & I headed home & got him ready, and then booked it to church!
Sunday afternoon was a struggle, and this boy & the rest of his family enjoyed naps!!

We ended the weekend watching football & enjoying Brinner (biscuits, sausage, & eggs), and then we were surprised with a sneak peek from our photographer, Kayla!
I cannot, cannot, cannot wait to see the rest of these!!

Happy Monday!!



  1. Your picture turned out amazing - I love it :). I can't wait to see more and you had another busy weekend girl! xoxo ERIN

    1. I cannot wait!! Yes, but we did REST a bit too! :)