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Monday, December 11, 2017

10 on the 10th..Favorite Photos

Does anyone else out there just feel as though this year is flying by?!
I mean, F-L-Y-I-N-G!!

Today we are joining my blogging buddy, Erin from Perfectly Port Family for her monthly link-up. It's such a fun link-up!!
Today we are sharing our favorite photos from 2017, and I just don't know if I can narrow this year down to just 10 photos! I'll try though!


This one is out-of-focus, but it was taken after Nataleigh's birthday dinner (1/2/2017). It's full of everything we love most..each other, laughing, and LOVE!!
This night was the perfect start to our 2017!


Pictures with my hot hubby will always, always be a favorite, and how can I just pick one of these?!

We've been through it all, and we're still here together!!
Love ya, sweetheart!


This mini-session was definitely a favorite, and this one may be my favorite from the session!
Matilda Jane + My girl = match made in Britt heaven!!!


This picture from Opening Day!!


Celebrating our tiny dancer!!
Dance was so much fun, and our little girl was just the cutest little thing up there!


Oh my boys!!
How did I get so lucky to get the MOST handsome fellas ever?!


This was definitely the year of Cinderella for us!
It was our second year competing, and she captured it all in Tennessee!


Busting this kiddo out of the hospital was a big favorite. He gave us quite the scare this past Spring with pneumonia, and finally, after several days in the hospital, taking him home was a glorious sight!!


Our family pictures!

I seriously loved every single one so much!


This picture from my trip to Disney will forever be one of my favorites!!
I will always laugh when I zoom in on all of these volleyball favorites. My our crying setter to our head coach & her hubby next to me...I will always laugh @ this one!

This was a fun look-back at some of my favorite memories. There were so many more photos that I wanted to include, but I had already went over the allotted 10. 

Happy Monday!

Join us tomorrow to see our Weekend Wrap-Up!



  1. So many darling photos and Britt has gotten so big compared to January...wow! You have had so many sweet memories and so glad the kids are all better, that was so scary! xoxo ERIN