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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Fun Night with Nana

So you know how I can tell when it's the week before Christmas?!

I'm uber stressed, and everything seems to be going on or wrong.
Like this week has been crazy so far, and it's just Wednesday!!

A couple of weeks ago my mama planned a super fun, relaxing, pampering night for me, and Monday we spent the night laughing hysterically together!

It was the best night in a long time!

She scheduled me an appointment to have lash extensions put on, and y'all it was the best night ever!
Here's my before.
I have decent lashes to begin with. The lash magician at Oasis Skincare Center said that they were very full, but I lack some length!
Another thing about me is that my eyes are super sensitive, and daily mascara is a huge irritant for them. They start immediately watering like crazy just by watching someone put contacts in, and I cannot help it at all!
From start to finish, the process took two hours. Brittany separated my lashes, and then she stuck an extension on the individual lash. It was such a relaxing process. My eyes had to be taped, so I was forced to have a two-hour break from my phone & life basically. It was amazing! My mom was there with me the whole time, so we got to catch up and chit-chat without any disruptions.
Girl time was so needed!!
And I love my results!!

I won't need to wear mascara for somewhere between 3-6 weeks, depending on how my lashes grow out naturally!!

Also, I wanted to share a quick little thing about my mom!
She's a rock star! She's been through quite a rough spot for the past year. She's experienced some major highs & lows, and she's finally smiling so much more than she has in years! Monday night was just what we needed...silly, frivolous girl time together...without the kiddos!!

To my hilarious mama, I so cherish the time we spend together, and you are by far the best gift-giver in the family! I love you big, mama!!



  1. They look great, I live in a hole somedays and I don't think I had heard of this. How cool! I have been wanting to try something for my eyelashes because mine are blonde! xoxo ERIN

    1. I just can’t do fake lashes. I always feel like they are crooked or they just look so fake (like spider legs), so this is a definite happy new for me.