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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cinderella Christmas 2017..Brunch & Dollywood

Yesterday, I shared with y'all all about our first full day in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge for the Cinderella Christmas!
You can read that recap HERE!

Today I want to share about our Brunch with Santa & our fun @ Dollywood!
We headed to The Pottery House & Cafe to have a character breakfast with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and several of his helpers!

She loved the goodie boxes, especially the Rudolph nose, so much!
Ms. Jill helped her girl order her brunch, and I'm pretty sure Nataleigh wanted to order everything on the menu!
[She's quite the fan of breakfast food!]
Seriously though, Ms. Jill is the BEST!

Then we waited on the trolley to Dollywood with our favorites!
Ella Grace!
Nataleigh had a blast with these two, Ella Grace & Kendyl. They walked around teaching Nat their Russian accent & calling each other Negla, Egla, & Kegla!
Such fun, beautiful girls, inside & out!

Then we made it to the gates of Dollywood
Someone needed some lip gloss applied, and nothing beats getting your make up fixed by your sisters, right?!
Love, love, love these girls!
Egla, Kegla, & Negla were off inside the park. She really thinks that she's their baby because they all fight & take turns carrying her around!

Once inside the gates, we took several pictures at different parts of the park!
 The sleigh!!

 If you go to Dollywood, you have to snap a picture in front of this sign & flower area!
It's just a necessity!!
And then finally in front of the big Christmas tree in the middle of the park!

Then we had a little bit of 'free time' before the shows we planned started!
Checking out the memory markers while the mamas waited in the Season Pass line.

My mom is surprising the kiddos on Christmas with season passes to Dollywood, and I really think they will be just oh so excited. I know I already am!
This one knows how to pose, even when she doesn't know what she's posing for.
{Her season pass}
Things got pretty serious on the cars, and it was a pretty scary ride because Nataleigh was the one driving/steering the little car. Thank goodness for the track or it would have been a pretty short ride for us!

More pictures!!

Then it was time for the shows to start!

Such an absolutely beautiful show full of beautiful music!
Tennessee's Tiny Tot's mom was the 'city girl' in the show, and she rocked the part!
She also had a pretty big cheering section decked out in Cinderella blue!

Then we went to see 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, and y'all it was the cutest thing ever.
We got there in time to see our North Carolina Mini Miss help the professional comedian juggler with his performance. I don't know if it was the jokes or just that I was completely exhausted, but I couldn't stop laughing at this skit!

The show was darling. I mean, absolutely darling!
It's the perfect show, and the mice were our favorites!!
Cutest, funniest part of the show!

Some of the girls stayed to ride more rides, so Nataleigh & I headed to grab a good meal with a couple of the other moms and girls.

Then we all met back up at the cabin to exchange ornaments. Each queen had to get her sister queen an ornament. Nataleigh picked Malea, the NC Tot, a pink princess castle, & we had her name put on it. It was so cute!
Malea gifted Nataleigh a clear princess carriage with her name & title on it, and then we needed a picture of these two girls!
We love Malea & her mama so much!!

How adorable is this tee that the North Carolina delegation gifted us?!
{royal blue, monogram, & a crown}

After opening the last presents & visiting a while, Nataleigh & Emma got their swimsuits out & hopped in the crazy HUGE tub with bubbles!
I barely spy 2 Cinderella queens!

They played while Emma's mom and I packed all our stuff up. We decided pretty late to try to beat all the exit traffic the next morning, so we left super late. 
Someone slept the entire way.
And we pulled into the driveway at 2:39 am!
I just really needed 'my' space a little. The entire weekend was so overwhelming that I needed that little bit of my space, if you know what I mean!?

After spending the entire weekend with 35ish women/girls, I needed to just unwind a bit!

This past weekend was unlike any I have ever known, and it was a true honor to have my daughter represent her title & state with her Cinderella sisters. It was also incredibly fun. These moms and daughters are truly amazing. They are funny, smart, kind ladies, and they hold a giant spot in my heart!
LOVE these silly girls & their mamas so, so much!

Come back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!



  1. Oh my goodness what fun I think your kids will flip, what a great gift to receive. This looks like a full but fun weekend full of Christmas spirit :) xoxo ERIN

    1. I cannot wait!! We are already planning a day there during Christmas break!!