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Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Favorites...12.15.2017

Oh my goodness!
The countdown is officially on, and I don't know who is more excited..me or the kiddos!?
Christmas is 10, TEN, days away!!

This week was full, and the only evening we had off, we took a trip to see the Big Guy!


Friday, when we were snowed in, the kiddos wrote their 'officially' Santa lists.
A few weeks ago, I found the cutest letter kits ever from Target!

 2 envelops
 The first letter, which was easiest for new writers. It was basically a fill-in list with a spot for a picture to be drawn!
This list gave the boys' plenty of space to write out everything they want + tell how great they've been!

Packaged up and ready-to-go!!


Tuesday night, since we've finished our lists, we took the kiddos to see Santa!
 So they basically asked for everything under the sun just to have their bases covered!

And then we had to see the fish!
The last couple of years we've gone to the Bass Pro Shop, and it's been the most fun every time!


After visiting Santa, this elf went out to grab a few things that we need for the kiddos, and I hit the JACKPOT!
I don't know about your daughter, but mine is OBSESSED with these LOL Dolls. Obviously they are one of the hardest to find toys, but they make the perfect stocking stuffer. I also grabbed one of the Pet Dolls for my sister to give Nataleigh. Goodness, she's going to be beyond excited, and I cannot wait to see her open all of her surprises!


Yesterday, we made my grandmother's famous fudge recipe!
 Obviously it's full of super healthy stuff, like tons of butter & sugar!
The best part of the recipe is that there is no written recipe, and it's such a blessing to have been taught by my grandparent's secret recipe!
I mean, it looks divine!

And Nataleigh had a blast being part of the candy-making team!

She was on clean-up duty.
She had the best job in the kitchen, but she also happily washed the dishes. My grandparent's do not have a dishwasher {EEK}, and Nataleigh absolutely loves hand-washing the dishes. We let her wash, and then we came up behind her to make sure everything was clean. Girlfriend did a really good job washing everything!

She earned those taste-tests!!


So we recently switched to T-Mobile from Verizon, and we haven't been happier than we are now with our coverage & plan!

Well, my Poppy needed a new phone, and he has the old school flip phone that still needs to be activated. They are also on Verizon still, so I had to call and activate his new phone for him. Well the very nice guy helping us needed to call on my line, and my T-Mobile phone is just beyond sassy!
This is what popped up in my caller-id!
T-Mobile seriously just called the Verizon Customer Care guy "Nuisance Likely," 

This week has been just such a fun, busy one full of lots of holiday fun!

Today we are linking up with our buddies NarciAndrea, & Erika for Friday Favorites!


  1. Such a fun week you had, sorry I am just catching up on reading but I loved seeing what you have been up to and reading those sweet Santa letters! xoxo ERIN