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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday: Christmas Decorations

We are officially 20 days away from Christmas, and today Andrea couldn't wait any longer for us all to share our Christmas decorations!
We don't normally go too crazy with decorating because mama gotta put all that back up, and #aintnobodygottimeforthat!

Also, we are big fans of waiting until December 1st to actually decorate for Christmas!

Finally, we are late to the decorating game due to me and Nataleigh being out of town for her Cinderella Christmas {more on that later this week}.

Today I'm going to share what we have actually finished, and I really am loving it all!
Oh Christmas tree!

On Black Friday, I found THIS tree topper, {mine is buffalo check, but it's out of stock} & the black one is on a MAJOR sale!
From the topper, we went and found different red, black, and silver decorations!

The ribbon I actually found at a local Dollar General. 
I just think the finished product is simple & oh so Christmasy!
We still have a few of the more personal ornaments to hang, but essentially our tree is decorated!

Some cliche pictures of my favorite tree decorating helper.
[The boys just weren't into it this year, but they LOVE the finished product!]

Also on Black Friday, I found THIS stocking holder! It too is sold out, but it is perfect for holding our stockings!
It also carries the red/black theme throughout!

As for our stockings, I found the kids' stockings several years ago at Pottery Barn, and they are a Nutcracker theme!!
 Stephen's is the Rat King!
 Carson's is the Nutcracker!
And Nataleigh's is the ballerina!

Just this year, I finally found some that I loved for Joe & me, and of course they are from Matilda Jane!

I may eventually change all of our's to the MJ ones because they are just the prettiest things ever, but until then I'm going to enjoy every memory made with the Nutcracker ones!

Instead of a traditional wreath on our door, we have this adorable door hanging from our dear friends, the Lindamoods. Brack & Hannah gifted us this last year, and I couldn't wait until this Christmas to put it out! It's adorable, and it's from Mud Pie!!

We also have these adorable little trees for each of the kids, and they just might be their favorites of all time!

And finally, our elves showed back up!
The kiddos were so excited to have Hans, Franz, & Gertie back with us!

So there you have it!
The Hensleys are {mostly} ready for Christmas 2017!


  1. Your home looks so festive! Love those colorful trees for the kids.

    1. Thanks! They are their favorites too! {besides the elves}

  2. Fun and festive....love the red and black theme and buffalo check. Those MJ stockings are darling!!! xoxo ERIN

  3. I LOVE your tree topper! Those colorful trees are pretty perfect too :)

  4. That Christmas tree topper is awesome! I love that stocking holder too. That's what I need to hang all my kids' stockings. I checked...it's still sold out online.