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Monday, December 4, 2017

The Boys' Weekend + HOCO

This weekend was just wild to put it mildly. I had been warned & told how exhausting & non-stop this weekend would be, but until you've experienced a Cinderella Christmas in the Smokies, you cannot actually prepare!

Today, I'm going to share what the boys' weekend looked like, and hopefully by Wednesday, I'll have sorted through all the hundreds {yes hundreds} of pictures that were snapped in Gatlinburg.

The boys' weekend was busy too, but it was full of basketball, Mexican food, and FUN!

Before their weekend could actually get under way, we had to root on our boy, Carson, as he represented his class in Homecoming. Every year each class votes for a pair to represent their class on the court.
[Only 8th graders can win]
Y'all...he was the cutest little guy out there!
Be still my heart!
Proud little sister!!
Nat was so excited about seeing some of her other favorites!
Mini Miss Emma was also in Homecoming!!

Carson & Eva got some crazy loud screams and yells!
I'm not kidding, they were just beyond ADORABLE!!
 Nana & Gigi were there!!
 Proud mama!
The hallway was crazy busy, so we are all kinda squeezed in here & sweating because of all the people!
 2 years ago these two were in HOCO together, and this year they were both voted by their class to represent it again. Another little guy really wanted to be in it, so Stephen let him have his spot.
We still had to grab a picture, because they are just the prettiest!!
And Nataleigh loves her some Kadence BIG!!

After HOCO, Nataleigh & I hit the road for our Cinderella weekend, and the boys watched some basketball.
Then they went to grab some of our family's love language..Mexican food!

Friday they headed to school & then they had basketball practice!

Saturday they hung out & took lunch to my grandparents' house, just because!
Most thoughtful boys ever!
Then they had to head to Stephen's first basketball tournament of the year!

When did he get so big?!
They played well, but they lost in the championship game. They played hard all weekend, and everyone was proud, regardless of the outcome!

We surprised the boys by getting home in the super early morning hours, so we could join them at church!
And together is better!
These three!!
{oh my heart}

We are often everywhere at the same time, but it is so, so much nicer to just be together!

I'm going to try to finish up some of our decorating, so I can share tomorrow with Andrea from Momfessionals, but I'm not going to lie...I'm exhausted. 

Then on Wednesday, I'm going to plan on sharing as much of the Cinderella weekend as possible, but it may take two posts!!

Happy Monday, friends!



  1. Looks like a fun weekend and I have never heard of the whole school having a court, what a neat tradition. I need to clean my house so I can take photos for tomorrow - weekends destroy my house LOL but hey we live here!!! xoxo ERIN

    1. Weekends destroy my house, too! It’s so cute to see all the little ones dressed up on the court!

  2. What a fun weekend! I love that the whole school gets a court. What a fun way to include all students. It looks like the boys had a great weekend! I hope you have a great week!

    1. Yes! It’s a cute little tradition. The boys’ school is pretty big, so the court was pretty big!!