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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Lead-Up To Christmas...

Like many of you out there, the lead up to our Christmas celebrations was pretty hectic, and it got even more difficult when mama was knocked down by a migraine late in the week.

We did have some fun before the madness & migraine hit!

First up was busting the boys out of school for Christmas Break!
{insert happy dance right here}

Then later that Wednesday night, Nataleigh had cheerleading and a Christmas party with her most cheerful friends!

Sugar overload!

Thursday we had a nice visit with Mim & Poppy
{my grandparents}
And these eyes just kill me!!

We also had Joe's work dinner, and it was so much fun having a nice grown-up night out!
Big, huge thank you to Nana for watching the kids, so we could enjoy a nice dinner.

I'm not sure if I ate something, or if it was just the stress of the season, but a MAJOR migraine hit me Thursday night. The pain woke me up in the middle of the night, and I literally felt as though I was dying. I get headaches occasionally, but I've never had a migraine like this.

Life doesn't stop just because mama has a migraine though. Loads of medicine & moving at a glacier pace got me through Friday, and I even made it to my hair appointment that my mama set up for me.

She ridiculously spoils us, and I so enjoyed the time spent together getting primped. Big shout out to Alex {@alexrocksmylocks} for the amazing transformation that she worked on my hair!

I went blonde!!
I've heavily highlighted my hair before, but never have I gone through the process of going completely blonde. It took a while, and it was quite the process. I just love my hair so much though!

Saturday, Joe got up early with the kids, got me some more medicine, & fixed breakfast quietly while I continued to nurse a bad headache. 
[I never thought this thing was going to go away]

Then we all rallied & got my grandparents' house together for the big family shindig on Sunday, and our elves delivered some pretty important letters from Santa that had the kids too excited for words!

The kiddos were so excited that Santa knew so much about them & how good they've been this year.

Our week leading up to Christmas was hectic, & it didn't necessarily go 'as planned.' It was, however, so sweet together, and we had some truly precious moments full of so much love & joy!

Tomorrow I'm going to share all about our Christmas!

I so hope your Christmas 2017 was well spent with the ones you love!


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