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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up...12.12.2017

We had a weekend that was FULL of plans, plans, & more plans, and then the surprise snow showed up! Most of our plans were changed, and we were happy with that!


We woke up to snow flurries, and some cute little one threw on leggings & shoes to go twirl a while in the flurrires!

Then I told her to go get dressed, and this is what she came back wearing...
2 tutus, leggings, & so much sass!!
Negative girlfriend!!

We headed to my grandparents' house, and just as we got there we got the alert that the boys' school was dismissing early. 
It was so cold, and the snow was just expected to continue ALL day! I was thankful that we were going ahead & letting them out early!
The roads in Jonesborough were getting pretty rough.
[photo creds: Carson]
We grabbed lunch for everyone at our FAVORITE spot!

The boys were supposed to have basketball practices, but due to the snow it also got cancelled!

We decided to go ahead & write out our Santa list.

Then we decided to grab some pizzas!
And girlfriend fully accessorized again!!

We ended our night with some family yoga time.
THESE little videos are our absolute favorites!


We woke up early to some of the most beautiful snow ever, and Tennessee's Overall Tot needed some quick pictures taken in it!

Maybe my new favorite picture of her!!
(That portrait option on the iPhone 8+ is simply amazing isn't it?!)

We were supposed to be heading to Carson's basketball game & then to Stephen's tournament, but due to the snow & some sick kiddos both teams had the weekend off!
Jumping for SNOW joy!!
& I love days off with this hottie!!

After spending all day with my grandparents, because my Poppy needed to run some errands, and I stayed home with Mim, we stopped by to make sure my mama was staying warm.
Her sweet little pup, Coco, was doing a fine job guarding her & keeping her warm!

We then got home in time for another yoga video, showers, and a little girlie time.
Christmas nails were needed for Nat!

Our elves got into a little situation...


I love, love Sundays in December, especially with these babies!
Someone at church completed Nataleigh's look with this headband & broach!
I love our sweet church. It is so full of love & kindness!
She even helped lead the children's choir!
And my sweet little middle child wanted to sing a solo, and he did a great job!

We ended our weekend relaxing together watching some football & doing another yoga video!

Nataleigh has gotten quite into these little videos, and I love having this time exercising with my crew!

That was our nice, little, happily interrupted weekend!



  1. What a fun quiet weekend due to the snow, those are always so nice especially this time of year :) xoxo ERIN