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Monday, December 18, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up...12.18.2017

Can y'all believe that we are officially 1 week away from Christmas?!

We have so, so much planned this week, and I know it's going to be a blur for us. This weekend, however, was only moderately busy & lots of fun!


Friday, we made more fudge with my grandparents, and then we grabbed the boys from school. We had a big girls' night planned, and the boys had basketball to get to!
They grabbed Arby's for dinner after another tough practice!
And we headed to our second home Pigeon Forge to watch the Great Smoky Mountain Dance Theatre put on the Nutcracker!
We had several girls that we are close to that were dancing, and they just did an amazing job!
She was pretty into it!!

Intermission fun!

Then after the performance, we got to meet several of the cast members!
 With Lexie, the Sugarplum Fairy!
Rocky is Sarah-Anne's brother, and he was the Nutcracker!!

And then she got to see one of her absolute favorites....

Kendyl had several dances, along with another one of our favorites, Ella Grace, and they both were amazing!!
(Ella Grace had to sneak out before we could grab a picture. Nataleigh did get to grab a big hug though!)
It was a fun night, and some sweet girl fell asleep within about 5 minutes of being in the car!


The boys went and got fresh hair cuts while Nataleigh & I slept in a little! Then we got ready & headed to my grandparents' house while the boys headed to play practice. 
Sweet girl wanted snuggles from her Mim!
This little one has been a little mischievous. We are pretty certain that she's peeked in her gift at Mim's, but she won't tell us the truth. 
(Not going to lie, it's killing me that she won't tell the truth!)

After spending some time with Mim & Poppy, we headed to Stephen's tournament.
It was a later in the day tournament, and I'm not mad about that!
 Hanging with buddies between games!
{life of a basketball mom!}
They ended up in 5th out of 10 teams, and they really played well. They were missing 2 starters, and the only game they didn't win was against a really solid team from Kentucky! It was also only our second tournament, and the growth from last year to this year is INCREDIBLE!!

After basketball, we headed to my mama's house to celebrate Mr. A's birthday!

And this cake was amazing!!!
We all just sat around laughing until it was super late.


I totally failed to grab a picture because I was perpetually late for every thing on Sunday!
These sweet boys decided to help Ms. Joan lead the music yesterday!

Last night we had our church's Christmas program, and it was just adorable. Those children shared the Gospel & amazing story of Christ's birth!
This little piggie was ready-to-go!
Merry Christmas!
We had a wandering sheep!

The sweetest wise man, shepherd, and piggie you ever did see!
I was super proud because the boys both had solos, and they did a great job!
We even had some surprise visitors!
Mimi & Popow snuck in to see the kiddos, and then we got to grab dinner together. It was a great night with family!!

This weekend was full of memories & love, and it was just so good! I cannot wait to get these last days of school over, so we can enjoy celebrating together!

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