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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

10 on the 10th: Random Facts

One of my favorite bloggers is back again sharing her 10 on the 10th link-up, and it's for sure one of my favorite link-ups to join.
This year's topics look so good, so join us every 10th (or pretty close to the 10th)!

Today we are sharing 10 random facts about ourselves.
Last week I did a little Reintroduction of Myself, and I shared 10 facts then. Today I'm going to share 10 more different facts, so really you all get double the randomness of me!

1. I married my first love on January 7, 2006!

best decision ever!

2. I LOVE reality tv!

Real Housewives & Big Brother are 2 of my favorite series!

3. Sports are my jam!

As I type this post, I'm watching the college football championship game, & I LOATHE both of these teams.
And I also spend my Saturdays watching Premier League football (soccer)!
Go Chelsea!

4. I love being a Tennessee girl!

We lived just outside of Charlotte, NC for 7 years ago, and when we abruptly moved back to Tennessee, I was broken. Tennessee healed so much of my heart, and Tennessee is definitely Home Sweet Home to me!

5. I want to travel, but I'm so scared of flying!

I learned quickly to manage my fears of flying this year, thanks to two big trips within a couple of weeks of each other.

5. Laundry is my favorite choir.

Thank goodness I married a man who likes doing dishes, because I HATE that chore most!

6. Winter is my favorite season.

Give me all the soups & sweats & snow days!

7. I'm addicted to my phone!

Erin shared last week about breaking her phone addiction, and it challenged me. I may have added reducing my phone usage to my January goals.

8. I love a good girls' pamper day!

Whether it's pedicures with my princess or lashes with my mama, I love being pampered! My mama raised me to love these, & I've passed that same love on to my girl!

9. I'm a night owl!

Joe & the kiddos go to bed relatively early, but I tend to stay up later enjoying catching up on shows & quiet time!

10. I heart SnapChat filters!

I actually prefer sharing on my Instastory better, but the filters make it so hard to leave SnapChat. Follow me @ britthensley!!!

This was such a fun start to this year of sharing with Erin @ Perfectly Port Family!

-Britt Hensley


  1. It's so fun to learn these random things about people! I am with you about traveling! I LOVE to travel, but I am scared to death of flying!!!

    1. Yes! I love these posts so much. It’s fun to share the quirks that make up who we are.

  2. I love learning more about you! The older I get the more flying scares me but my kids love it! I became a sports lover when I met my hubby. Tennessee is such a beautiful place! xoxo ERIN

    1. Thanks for sharing this link-up! I love it so much. Our teams play each other soon in basketball! {Go Vols}😜

  3. I am not a fan of flying either. One time someone had that filter opened on their phone when I was flying and it made me panic to see how fast we were going! LOL! I love sports too! I also love laundry. You are the best! I loved these facts. Happy Wednesday!

    1. Sports are the best! Laundry is the best! You’re the best! :) thanks for stopping by, friend!

  4. Found your blog through the link-up and I am glad I did! Tennessee will always have a huge part of my heart. My grandparents live there. What part are you in?

    1. We live in Northeast TN..near Bristol! It’s really such a great place to live! Where do your grandparents live!? Thanks for stopping by. :)

    2. They live in Union City, TN. It's about 2 hours NW of Memphis.

      PS - I got your comment, but I can't reply because it's coming through as no-reply. Can you send me your email? hallaroundtexas@gmail.com

  5. The worst part of traveling is getting there! So funny that you must not be from the south if you're not into college football. So true! (I'm not from the south, lol!)

    1. But you are originally from Jersey. Whole notha level. My bestie from college is from Jersey, and we met @ UT. Y’all know your football. :) thanks for stopping by!

  6. I am with you on the flights and football, but I am from the south. I love doing laundry and dishes I just hate putting things away. Seriously, putting away folded cloths and clean dishes are the hardest things for me. Jess at Just Jess

    1. Thankfully my kids are finally at the age where they put their own clothes up, and I’m super spoiled because my man does the dishes. :) thanks for stopping by.

  7. I'm outside of Nashville! Did you get any snow/ice today? It didn't come to our area until around 2 PM this afternoon, but my work had already closed, so I was okay with that!

    1. Our snow is expected to hit between 11pm-3:00am, so hopefully it’ll be beautiful in the morning. :) The Nashville area is one of our favorite places.