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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Fresh Market Finds

So I'm totally #TeamTraderJoes all the way, however, the closest one to my is in Asheville, which is over an hour away! We have some really good grocery stores around here, but one of my favorites is The Fresh Market.
This store is my go-to for healthy snacks. My family's favorites are the chocolate-covered banana chips, the different trail mixes, and the wasabi mixes. They offer just so, so many options including all the most wonderful fresh produces & cheeses that one can imagine. And Nataleigh's favorite spot in the store is the bakery. Their cakes and desserts are just unmatched.

Snack barrels!
So my kids go crazy. They always want to pick out about 10 things each from this spot. This week we grabbed chocolate-covered banana chips, wasabi mix, & dark chocolate animal crackers.

The lunch section is so yummy too!
They have pre-made salads, lunches, and snacks, and they always look amazing!
Oh my yum!
Any and every kind of cheese that you can imagine! They also often carry incredible specialty seasonal cheeses!
{Give me all the Brie!}

Another cool feature is the section near the front where it lays out a quick dinner for 4 for $20!
You literally just follow the paper, so you grab one from each number. It takes the thought out of purchasing all the items for the dinner of the week!
And the best spot!
The bakery. The yummiest of cakes, pies, and desserts!
This week I grabbed the items for chicken salad & snacks, and I couldn't be happier!

What are your favorite healthy snack options?!
Do you have a favorite grocery store?!

Happy Thursday



  1. Chocolate covered banana chips sound delicious! The Fresh Market sounds very similar to the store we have- Sprouts. Do you have those in Tennessee?

    1. We don't have one near us, but we did when we lived just outside of Charlotte. They are great too, and the chocolate covered banana chips are incredible!

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