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Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Favorites {1.19.2017}

Another week gone, and it was basically Winter Break number two for our kids. Our entire week was basically one big Snow Day, and the kiddos are out of school again today. I guess we'll try again Monday.
{face palm}

Today I'm joining AndreaNarci, & Erika for another edition of Friday Favorites!

Next week temperatures are for sure a favorite!
After a week full of temperatures well below freezing, this heat wave is definitely welcomed by the Hensley crew!

These cold temperatures have welcomed hot tea, and it's a definite favorite this week!
My buddy Erin @ Perfectly Port Family sent me a picture of her tea cup, and it just inspired me to have one myself!
Golden Chai is my favorite with a splash of milk & splenda.
Perfect warm drink on a cold night!

All things FARMHOUSE!
We are currently praying about making a huge decision about a farm that is pre-Civil War, and while the project would be so much fun, it will also be quite the undertaking for this mama!

Of course a farmhouse isn't my natural inclination of house style, but if you are considering buying a PRE-CIVIL WAR farmhouse in TENNESSEE, you have to stay true to the bones of the house. And this stuff is so pretty...I just need a little sparkle & white to off-set all the hand-cut wood!
Yes, it's totally a dream house...if we can get it at the right price.
[PRAY big prayers for us, y'all]

This boy's silly self!
While he was riding to Knoxville yesterday, he was so serious...like refusing to laugh, giggle, or smile while watching another Hensley favorite, Hotel Transylvania! I mean, that face is just too adorable, and that boy failed big time @ not laughing. I just had to get Stephen to snap a picture to try to break him.
Look out, the Queen's Guards..he may have a job at Buckingham Palace in the near future!
Speaking of our quick trip to Knoxville...
We definitely got some answers, and we are finally seeing some improvements in her lungs & the tests they run every time we visit. Specifically her large airways are performing @ 100%, but her small airways require more attention. She's still not performing where she needs to be, but we are really confident in the plan that we have with her pulmonologist. We go back in April to make sure everything is still improving. He was very happy with how healthy she looked and sounded, and he mentioned that she was lucky because the pulmonary viruses and infections are very bad right now.
I just need to put her in a little bubble...with glitter!

We are excited about those warmer temperatures letting us have a little more freedom over the next couple of days. We have a pretty jam-packed basketball weekend, and it's one of our last few weekends that Nataleigh & I are completely free. We'll be soaking up all the cute boy/family time with Jojo, Stephen, & Carson, for sure!

Happy Friday, y'all!



  1. AHHHH! That farm and farm house sounds amazing! How exciting to think about and I will be saying some big prayers for you all! Enjoy the heat wave next week girl!

  2. I'm with you on the nicer weather! I am tired of all the freezing temperatures!

  3. So glad she is healthy and staying that way! Sickness I swear is sweeping the nation and you know I love that you enjoyed your hot tea. I splurged a couple times this week and did hot tea instead of hot water. I am wild like that. PS a new house, er old new house! I can't wait to see more. Love everything you picked!

  4. A mini farm and farmhouse would make my heart so happy! Knoxville!! I haven't been there in ages. I am trying to talk the family into heading to the Smokey Mountains for summer vacation! How far are you from Pigeon Forge?

    1. We are super close to Pigeon Forge. I go there probably twice a month. It’s a fun place!