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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Just Another Tuesday

It's 11:30 on Monday night, and I'm tired. A sick kiddo all day with a full day of being a mom equals a tired, yet wide-awake mama!

This year's flu season has me super paranoid about my sweet child with asthma & reactive airway distress.

So, she doesn't have the flu or anything major yet, but this mama cannot stop worrying. Anyone out there feel me?!
She has a runny nose & a wheezy cough, and we are treating her symptoms because I'm even more scared of venturing to a doctor's office. She doesn't have a fever, & this mama is checking all the time. She just doesn't feel well!

Also, it's also snowing here as I type. If the boys are on a snow schedule, then we are planning a full day of pjs, movies, and cleaning out more stuff.

So here's to you, Tuesday...



  1. Oh Britt, I hope Nataleigh stays away from those flu germs. I would feel the same way as you Mama! I hope your Tuesday goes well my friend!

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