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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Life Lately: Snow Edition

So we've been on snow schedule all week, and we are on day 3 today. Maybe my boys will go back to school at some point this year!
In our area of Tennessee, we don't get huge snow accumulations, but we do have some super curvy backroads and 'hollars' that tend to stay icy & dangerous for a while, which causes our kiddos to miss a lot. 
The kids also go extra every day of the school year to 'build up' snow days, so missing several days doesn't affect our Spring Break or our Summer Break. It's really nice, honestly!

That all being said, we are all getting cabin fever, and we've busted it out to Knoxville to head to Nataleigh's doctor appointment.

I've tried this week to add some kind of fun to our situation, and today I'm sharing all about that fun!

Tuesday we busted out because snow was in our future, and I wanted to get us out before the snow was scheduled to arrive.

 A movie date sounded great to us!
And we saw Ferdinand.
It was just too adorable, and it even had our favorite, Peyton Manning, in it!

Then we stocked up on groceries for the next couple of days!

Stephen's teacher sent out a text letting his class in on an extra credit opportunity, and we happily worked on IXL for a little bit. Who doesn't need a little extra long division help?! 
Long-division game strong!

Our snow arrived later that evening, and the kiddos were some kind of crazy excited!
Snow just brings some kind of magic to any situation!

After dinner I found these three all snuggled up together, and my heart just about burst!

Wednesday we woke up to it still snowing, so Joe was also on a delay. He didn't have to make it to the office until noon, so we for sure snuck out to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast!
& apparently we wore as many patterns as possible with one outfit!
{but those pretty feet}

While the kids spent much of the day playing & actually being good. I finished cleaning out their closets and organizing things for an upcoming consignment sale.
{not finished yet}

Nataleigh was excited that her February Bow Box got here, so we snapped a quick pictures!
And you've gotta go grab this one, especially if you have a little princess!

I enjoyed my vanilla cappuccino while I cooked our chicken quesadillas for dinner!

All-in-all it's been a pretty chill week for us, but y'all I'm so ready for this cold weather to go just for a bit. My kiddos need the structure of a regular schedule week.

Today, as we head to Knoxville, we covet your prayers for traveling mercy & for more answers for Nataleigh's lungs. We've been dealing with this after affects from her pneumonia too long, and we all are kinda over it!

I know He has us in His hands, and that's good enough for me!

Tomorrow I'm back with my Friday Favorites, so Happy Thursday friends!