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Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {1//15//18}

Another weekend in the books, and while it was busy, I really didn't get on my phone too much.

{kicking that phone habit...probably not}


While the boys had their weekly basketball practice, the girls shopped a little!
My aunt gifted Nataleigh some birthday money, and it was burning a hole in this girl's pocket. She found a L.O.L. Glitter Series & a Pikmi Pop. She had a blast shopping for herself.
We grabbed ourselves slushees {Coke for me & blue raspberry & coke for her}, and we just enjoyed a yummy little treat.
That night I placed our first order from Belle and Rose Boutique. Nataleigh recently joined their team, and I cannot wait for our goodies to get here.
Right now if you use Code: belleandrosemodel for 10% off & free shipping!
The stuff is just toooooo cute!


The meteorologists were calling for snow in the area, and we weren't too sure how affected we would be. When we woke up Saturday morning, we thankfully didn't have too much snow. We had just a light dusting, so life proceeded. Carson's basketball game was first on our agenda. Mimi & Popow came all the way from North Carolina to watch our boy ball it up, and then Carson & Nataleigh went home with them for the night. My sister, Gigi, also came to cheer on Carson, & then she joined us for a quick lunch & light dessert.
From one of our favorites

We tried the Hound Dog Pie!
It's a peanut butter cream pie with bananas in there, and then topped with chocolate drizzles.

Then Stephen, Joe, and I had a wedding to get to.

Some of our friends were getting married, and they had asked Joe if he would marry them. It was such a fun day.
While Jojo officiates, I have the cutest date!
(One of Stephen's best friends gained a bonus mom, and we couldn't be happier for the Weems)!
My favorite wedding date!
The wedding was at Larry & Corrina's house, so the boys played ALL night. They had the best time just hanging out together!


Instead of our 'normal' Sunday picture since we only had one baby before church, we snapped a quick picture of our big baby boy!
He relished this alone time, and even though he loves, loves, loves his siblings, he craves the quiet alone time!
He too had money from Aunt Cindy, so while he was alone, he picked out this game. We've really gotten into board games lately, and Googly Eyes didn't disappoint!

After we grabbed the littles, we headed home for naps!!
We did watch some football, even though every team we cheered for lost.
{We need Peyton back}

After dinner we promised the kiddos that we would play Googly Eyes, and due to our lack of artistic abilities, the game went on 
All in all it was a nice weekend for the Hensley 5. 

Our kiddos are out of school today, so we are going to enjoy every bit of this lazy Monday. They are also calling for more snow in our forecast, so the boys {& Nataleigh} are doing their snow dances!

Happy Monday, friends!



  1. Nataleigh looks so cute with her new things she bought with birthday money! Glad you guys didn’t get too much snow and were able to carry on! Yay for Basketball. It’s so fun and exciting! Oh my word, that pie looks amazing! Was it as good as it looked? I love that it’s called the Hound Dog since peanut butter and bananas were Elvis’ favorite! Love the wedding photos. Stephen is Joe’s twin, for sure! Have a nice, lazy Monday! They are predicting snow and ice today and I am hoping it’s true!! Then I will get to keep Mason home again tomorrow! haha

    1. The pie was so good, but we’ve had ones that we love even more. That place is basically the bomb dot com! :)

  2. Such a fun weekend! I love that you were able to get alone time in with your kiddos this weekend. I also think it is really cool that Joe can officiate weddings. How cool?!?! What a great weekend!

    1. Girl, he can do it all. He went to seminary and everything. He spent the first 10 years of our marriage in full-time ministry, and now he’s just a bivocational pastor!

  3. That pie looks yummy. I just checked out that boutique. Oh my, they have some super cute clothing. If only I had a little girl to dress up...