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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {1//23//2018}

What a full weekend!!
I really feel as though I may still be exhausted from this weekend, and life ain't slowing down!
We may have squeezed something into every single second of the weekend, and we're okay with that. Let's get right into the recap!


Well, actually, let's start on Thursday night.
The school system had already dismissed school for Friday, and unfortunately our pipes had frozen the night before. We all packed up & headed to my grandparent's house for the night.
And a certain little boy in a super cute Chewbacca onesies hung out with mama while watching basketball.
{no complaints here}

So Friday morning, I was a short-order cook for breakfast, and then I enjoyed the peace & quiet while hand-washing the dishes.
My grandparents have never had a dishwasher because they think it's completely a waste of space, so this was a little joy to look out over the farm while cleaning up breakfast.

Thankfully by lunch our water was back to normal, so we went home & I caught up on laundry while the kiddos enjoyed their snow day.
I also enjoyed this little delight. Key lime is one of my favorite pie flavors, and this yogurt is divine. 
(perfect afternoon snack)

We then went to the car wash along with everyone else in Northeast Tennessee.
And my boys literally argued over who was going to vacuum the car, so I gave them the job of cleaning the floor mats.

We then met up with Joe for a quick little snack before the boys went to basketball.
 We tried Java Juicehouse, and it was so good!
 Seriously such a fun little treat.
 While these three hung out together at their own table...
 This fella and I got to hang out and just be together.
We even got to sample these little vegan cookie bites. So scrumptious!
These two also demanded one final picture before the boys headed to practice & the girls headed home with dinner.


Saturday we started extra early @ Carson's basketball game.
They won, and they've been on quite the little streak lately. Carson left with 2 points, a block, and countless steals. 
Super proud mama!

Then we dropped the boys off at the barbershop because haircuts were long over-due!

Then we headed across town for Stephen's games to start.
 A little half-time entertainment in the middle of a super stressful game. The boys fought through not necessarily playing the best. Shots weren't falling, but somehow they fought harder & won!
 We then headed to another site for game #2 of the tournament (our 3rd game of the day)!
Someone was completely over it, but chapstick to the rescue, and the boys pulled off another win. They played much better, and they were in the championship game.

We had a big break between pool play ending and the last game, so we headed to the coach's house to let the boys relax (not!) & watch basketball while eating pizza!

Also, during this time, my mama came to the rescue for us. She offered to keep Nataleigh because girlfriend was done...like beyond over it.
Obviously she was miserable with Nana & Gigi!

And the boys brought home the 1st place medals!
The Hensley boys went 4-0 on Saturday, and I couldn't be prouder!

We then picked up Nataleigh who had fallen asleep with my mom!
I mean, they both look pretty miserable huh?!
(She has Nana pretty spoiled & vice versa!)

We got home & needed to just unwind a bit.

Stephen got this little coloring set, so I took a little break by myself. It's such a cool set, and the markers on that paper really makes the colors POP!


Like most mornings, Nataleigh woke us up super early, but she was so thrilled that her goodies got here the day before. She had to try stuff on like IMMEDIATELY!
I mean, we were still laying in bed when the fashion show was going down!
{rosalina bikini}
And THIS Cicely set is so, so  adorable!

Then we all got up and got ready for church!

After church we headed to my grandparent's house for lunch, and my mom again offered to keep our kids while we went and looked at houses and mini farms.
The farmhouse I mentioned last week was a total bust. The guy who bought it thought he was the next Chip Gaines, but he completely has ruined a beautiful house. I mean, walls and floors were completely caved in because he doesn't understand basic foundation & structural things.
{I basically wanted to cry right then}

But we ended the weekend at church for the pm service, and I'm so glad we did.

Those two services were just what this mama needed to get her week started.

It was a busy, full couple of days, and it was spent just how we like it. All 5 of us cheering on and encouraging one another. I love my little tribe that I get to do life with!

If you need any encouragement, please read my post from Monday!



  1. You guys had a busy weekend, but sounds like it was a good one! I love that you guys got a little fashion show right from the comforts of your own bed. She's a doll! And way to go boys on those basketball wins!!

    1. I think I’m still sleepy from all the running! Thanks! :)

  2. I will be praying the perfect house comes along for you :). xoxo ERIN

  3. Wow what a busy weekend. Frozen pipes are the worst! Last winter our frozen pipe actually busted! I hope you guys find the perfect house! House shopping is so stressful.