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Monday, January 29, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {1//29//2018}

Oh my goodness!
Can y'all believe that January is almost over already?!
Time is flying by isn't it!?

This weekend was beyond good & fun.


This sweet boy was so excited because he made his AR goal last grading period, and Friday they celebrated with s'mores and a movie. I let him take himself into the store to buy his own Hershey's bar, and the pride was just radiating off of him.
{babies don't keep}
We then went house hunting again, and we looked under carpets at beautiful floors!

Then after dropping the boys off at Joe's work for their weekly basketball practice, Nataleigh & I headed to watch some High School basketball!
 Go Toppers!!
And she was over it!!
We had so much fun together watching the girls teams, the dance team, and the cheerleaders, but my girl's favorite part of GNO was the concession stand!

I found these little treats, and y'all...GRAB THEM NOW!
So, so good!


We celebrated our favorite Lukey's birthday.
He wanted a paintball party, and it was so much fun. We all met up at The Alternative Sports Paintball for several rounds of paintball, pizza, and cake!

 That wink though!!

These boys are just the best, and they all had the best time celebrating one of the best kiddos ever!

These little sisters are just the...
(Side note: Nataleigh picked out a 'fancy' dress because it was "Lukey's" birthday, and he's super cute!)

After the birthday celebration, we all took quick naps, and then Nataleigh & I headed for her final Saturday practice.
Ready to rock & roll in her Top Gun gear!
{kitty hawk for life}
 These coaches are just THE BEST, even when they are more like cat herders than coaches.
I mean, focus child!

After practice we headed to TN High, where Joe spent the past two seasons coaching basketball, and it was so much fun supporting such great guys. The TN High coaches and players will always hold a special place in the Hensleys heart. They are just some of the best people!
Go Vikings!


So I love, love, love our little Sunday School class. We join the Youth group, and this Sunday was breakfast & Bible Jeopardy. It was quite the Battle Royale between Jojo & I, and the kiddos were just loving it all! I mean, I did take the Disney category, and of course the girls came out victorious!

After church we came home for Sunday sandwiches & naps! Both of these are some of my favorite comforts of all time. Then Nataleigh & I headed to the grocery store.
It rained all day, so rain boots were needed!!

We ended our weekend laughing & watching the Royal Rumble 2018. I've shared here before that my little family just loves us some WWE 'wrastling,' and this year was so much fun watching together. Nataleigh got so into it. We always make our picks for the big events, and Nataleigh's pick won the Men's Royal Rumble. We may be raising a sore winner because she was all up in our faces rubbing it in, and it was HILARIOUS! 

It was so nice having plans, but they were all fun plans. We even snuck in some relaxing time, and it was so needed! Our next couple of weekends are pretty much jam-packed, so we needed this fun weekend together!

Happy Monday, friends!



  1. I missed a Sunday nap, that sounds delightful. You got it lots of fun this weekend! xoxo ERIN

    1. It was fun, but not our normal crazy! Thank goodness. :)