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Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up [1//9//2018]

This weekend was a blur of busyness, and for the most part, the Hensley 5 were moving in totally different directions at all times. We did have some fun, and Joe & I even snuck away for a little rest & relaxation!


Our weekend began with a snow day!
Snow Days are our favorite!!

After cleaning up and packing for a quick over-night trip, Nataleigh & I headed to Pigeon Forge for a Cinderella trip.
It's hard work playing with your brothers all day. The power nap was needed though because she had big plans of hanging out with the big girls all night. She was BEYOND excited about this slumber party!

I stunk it up at taking pictures, but the girls played all night while the mamas started planning the rest of our year & outfits!!


The girls woke up and started getting ready to head out on a mission of finding some pieces that we needed for some appearances. We then headed back to the house for some lunch, play time, and more planning & ordering! We really got a great start to the rest of the year's wardrobe.

While we shopped & planned, the boys had basketball games!
Nana took Carson to his game, and his little team won!
{Carson also had some points & steals & rebounds. He's basically all over the place out there!}

They headed from Saturday's game across town to Stephen's tournament, and when given the choice of hanging with his brother and friends or going to Nana's for an afternoon of time alone, he chose Nana!

Nataleigh & the girls ended their weekend by going to the Smoky Mountain Opry for the last showing of their Christmas Show! It was amazing! I may or may not already be planning a trip to see it again next year with my family!

But first, some pictures!

The snow & the fairy godmother were Nataleigh's favorite parts!!
The live Nativity was incredible!!
I mean, we all kind of squealed when the camels walked out on stage, and those are angels that flew over the audience while singing!

Afterwards we met the amazing cast & crew, and they were just the nicest!

 Slim Chance was simply HILARIOUS!!

We gave out our hugs & headed home...super late!
We got home at 12:30, and we crashed in the bed for a couple of hours.


Sunday we celebrated our 12th anniversary, and my awesome hubby made plans for us to sneak away for the day.
We dropped the babies off at Nana's house around 9:00, and then we headed over the mountain to the Hot Springs Resort in North Carolina!
Oh my good grief...we needed this bit of peace and quiet, and it was perfection!
These are the faces of 2 sleep-deprived, busy parents who needed to soak in the natural mineral bath!
It was a little crazy, however, to have been soaking in the natural hot water with the outside temperature being like 15 degrees.

It's been crazy cold here, and we were amazed to see that the rivers were completely frozen!
We ended our weekend all snuggled up watching football & eating pizza. It's was the perfect {lazy} ending to a very busy weekend!

Happy Monday!


  1. What a fun weekend, but momma I bet you need a long winter's nap! We have been to a natural hot spring and it's so much fun and crazy how warm it is despite the cold temps! Happy Anniversary xoxo ERIN

  2. I would love to have a snow day!! You guys had a wonderful weekend. It is always nice to get away for a few hours online with our husbands. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary.

    1. Yes! It was NECESSARY to help this mama recharge. :)