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Monday, February 12, 2018

10 on the 10th: February 2018

Today we are joining Erin from Perfectly Port Family, and today we are sharing 10 memories with our spouses. This will be so much fun taking the trip down memory lane!!


When we look back at our first date, we just laugh. It was a series of laughs, and I knew then that life would be anything but boring with Jojo!
On our way back to my house from dinner, I tried to warn him of a blind stop sign coming up, and he nearly killed us running the stop sign. Then I told him to turn right, to which he proceeded to turn left. It was hysterical, and it's one of my favorite nights ever with this fella of mine.


We got married on January 7, 2006, and my favorite memory of this day, besides marrying my best friend, is thumb wrestling him while we recited our vows. Fun has always been a priority to us, and it is one of my favorite aspects of our marriage.


Fitness has always been a big love of Joe's, but softball was HUGE in this guy's life when we first got married. I can remember sitting at all his slow-pitch softball games & yelling & cheering like crazy people. I met one of my best friends (Angel) at the softball field, and my man could flat hit the snot out of that ball. 
[Disclaimer: I'm not wanting to be back at the softball field anytime soon, but he can still hit the snot out of the ball!]


We went to Savannah, GA & St. Augustine, FL for our Honeymoon, and y'all it was so funny! We took a day to visit Castillo de San Marcos, and my man was 'fending off the pirates as they attacked from the coast.' I've never been prouder than that day when other tourists were distracted by my maniac of a man!
When he commits, he commits!


He about passed out while I was in labor with Carson!
I was induced with both boys, so we knew the drill already. I couldn't eat due to the induction, yet we had to go through the drive-thru at Bojangles, so Jojo could grab himself a biscuit! This time however, my labor progressed very quickly, and Joe about passed out. He will to this day blame it on low blood sugar, yet that biscuit combo we needed to grab ahead of time begs to differ!


We met during Summer 2004, while Joe was the newly appointed Pastor at my grandparents' church. My Poppy is still proud that he was the 'match-maker' to this union. He was just a young pastor, and I was a college kid home for the summer.
Life was easy during those early months!


When we first met & for the first several years of our marriage, Jojo was a HUGE UNC Tar Heel fan. He lived quite a bit of his life in North Caroline, but yet, after years of wearing him down, I'm proud to say that this guy is All Vol!! He's been to several Carolina games, and he'll proudly tell you that Knoxville is better!


While we were planning & prepping for married life, we went through some pre-marriage counseling with one of our favorite pastors ever, Rev. Scott Greene. During counseling he asked us to write down 10 reason we love and want to marry our significant other. He specifically told me not to write down "Joe's big muscles." Well, if I was to be honest, those biceps were 2 reasons I love him so much, and they were number 11 on my list!


We often joke that we compromised with our kids. He wanted zero kids, and I wanted 3. We ended up having the three best kiddos imaginable. (Plus our precious angel baby that we miscarried on Valentine's Day 2012)!
Thankfully we compromised in my favor, because these three are our biggest treasures, and life would be beyond boring without them!


I would be remiss to share all these fun memories without sharing our greatest memory. In 2015 our marriage completely fell apart to the point that we were completely separated living entirely two different lives...me with the kids & Joe alone. We failed miserably at marriage, but our story doesn't end there, praise God! God picked up all of our brokeness & pieces of our hearts, and He, as only He can, began to heal our very lives & family. Our marriage is FAR from perfect. We fail daily, but we love & forgive daily as well. As easy as those early days, weeks, and years were, these past 3 years have been some of my favorite. We wake up with gratitude & unconditional love for one another. He's become my strength & security on my weakest days. He my constant best friend when everyone else fails me. He loves me when I am unlovable, and I'm eternally grateful for God's goodness & hand in my marriage.

To my best friend...
Thank you for almost 14 years of laughter & love. Thank you for being you. You are hard-working, funny, smart, handsome, and you are my best friend. I couldn't imagine life anywhere besides right next to you. If our first 14 years have been this exciting, then I cannot wait to see what the next 100 look like. Here's to laughing more than we should & loving longer than imaginable!

This was so much fun sharing some fun memories with you all. My prayer for you and your marriage is that you will know how important your significant other & marriage truly are. Also, have faith that even when you are completely broken, God can make a masterpiece from the broken pieces. His grace far exceeds that which we deserve. 

Happy Monday!



  1. What a wonderful post!! You guys have some great memories. I was laughing out loud about number 8. And number 10 brought tears to my eyes. So glad you were able to bring your marriage back together. God is amazing.

  2. What a beautiful walk down memory lane. Thank you for letting me take the walk today.

  3. Love this so much :) it's fun to read about your love story through the hard time and all the laughter and you know I love laughter too :) xoxo ERIN

  4. Hi friend, I am going thru number gen right now, Rhonda shared with me about you... I could really use some prayer, encouragement, and guidance... my email is shaynae@rocketmail.com

  5. Sounds like you love to laugh! Glad to hear things worked out after your split a few years back.

  6. Your story of God's faithfulness and bringing your marriage back together is so encouraging! Also, your story of him passing out when your child was born made me laugh because, as the story goes, my parents were delayed in getting to the hospital when I was about to be born because my dad just HAD to get a pizza first, claiming, "The only dads who faint are the dads who don't eat." He didn't pass out, but I was born an hour after they arrived at the hospital, so they cut it a bit close...

    1. Hahaha what a funny memory. Thanks. It’s been through God’s grace that we’ve made it.

  7. Heehee on your 'compromise'! And that's awesome that you worked things out for the best. Congrats!