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Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Favorites {2/16/2018}

Happy Friday!
Oh em gee, are y'all as happy about it being Friday as we are?!

We have a lot planned for this weekend, and it's ALL fun! My Friday Favorite is all the Valentine's Day 2018. Also, I'm not sure if you know this or not, but my birthday is exactly a week from today!!
{33 isn't too scary, is it?!}
Let's get right into today's Friday Favorite post.
Oh yes!!

While we are big fans of LOVE, Joe and I really aren't big fans of Valentine's Day. In 2012, we actually miscarried our third pregnancy on Valentine's Day, so it's always been a different kind of holiday for us. Our kids, however, are HUGE fans of all things Valentine's Day, and this year Nataleigh specifically was all about it!
She wanted all the candy, all the stuffed animals, and all the everything, and it was so cute!

Jojo came home from his early morning workout with surprises for the kiddos...
skittles and twix hearts!!
And this girl just about passed out because she got her very own bouquet of roses from her Prince Charming!

Both boys had Valentine Exchange parties at school. Carson wanted to gift a little girl in his class some Smarties 'because she's extra cool & smart.'

Stephen's class watched Wonder, and I couldn't have thought of a better movie for Love Day for my 4th grader to watch. He talked that afternoon to me about unconditional love, and the real meaning of Valentine's Day. Big shout out to his teachers for teaching through Wonder. It really hit home with my sweet boy!

While the boys partied it up at school, Nataleigh & I tried to sneak & grab Jojo his favorite dessert from his favorite bakery. They were completely out, so it's the thought that counts, right?!

Instead we snapped some sweet pictures!
{outfit: TOP // SKIRT}
Both pieces are currently on sale, and we love all the Janie & Jack!

So this girl thinks you all should hurry & grab her same outfit!

After picking up the boys, we had to grab the stuff to finish Carson's project all about John Tyler, the 10th President!
& I just LOVE these 3!
His project turned out great, and the fringe border was quite the hit with the 2nd graders!
We wrapped up our Valentine's Day sending out some Royalty love from the Tennessee Cinderella.

It was such a nice, normal day, but there was a buzz in the air for sure. Holidays, even the ones with bad memories, have such a fun element when the kids are involved. I was happy that all three of our babes want marriages like Joe & I have. It's far from perfect, but it's completely God-glorifying. Our kiddos have seen us fail, and they have seen us forgive as well. And we wake up ready to love each other a little extra.

I hope you and your's had a wonderful LOVE Day 2018 as well!

What fun do you all have planned for this weekend?!

See y'all Monday!



  1. 33 isn't so bad, that was last year for me. I am headed toward 35 in August!! AH! I hope you have a great weekend. Kids bring sweetness to bitter moments for sure :) xoxo ERIN

    1. Yes they do! 33 is going to be good..I can feel it!

  2. We're not huge fans of Valentine's Day either. We usually do something for our little boys, and we just have a nice dinner at home. Your littles are too cute!

    1. Thanks so much. We enjoyed one of favorite dinners at home together, and it was all we needed! ;)

  3. 33 will be great! I will be 39 one month from today!! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.