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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Planning our Framily Vacay 2018

Oh my goodness, y'all!

I know that it's still 'technically' February, and school still has several months left, but we couldn't wait to get this year's vacation finally planned. Last year we traveled to Charleston, SC with some of our favorite people, the Barron/Davis family, and it was so much fun.
(I shared all about it HERE)

Our kids just got along so well, and we just love us some Kent & Christie, so we started discussing this year's vacation back in November. I mean, we looked at every beach just about up & down the East Coast, as well as a couple in the Gulf of Mexico.

We finally landed on the perfect house in a place that my family has never been, and funny enough, everyone we talk to swears by this little slice of Heaven...

called Hilton Head Island in sunny South Carolina!

Booking our home on VRBO only has me ready for our vacay to start like now!

I'm over here looking at all the bathing suits & beach towels & stuff!!

And Matilda Jane just released this sneak that I'm obsessed with...MAJORLY!
(& I spy their towels sneaking in the picture too)

We really cannot wait to head to the beach with our friends again this year. The best part of traveling with these friends is that we have the same vacation goals. 
Beach...beach...& maybe a little pool fun!

If you've ever been to HHI, please send me some information on places that we must try! I've been told several times that after this vacation, we'll never want to go anywhere else!



  1. We loved Hilton Head. We loved the Salty Dog Cafe, riding bikes along the beach and to and from our beach rental. xoxo ERIN

    1. Eek..we cannot wait. They all sounds like perfection.

  2. I have always wanted to go to Hilton Head! That sounds like an amazing vacation. And the best part is you get to go with your best friends. Framily vacations are the best.

    1. Yes! They are just the best kinds of people too! We cannot wait for Summer Break to get here

  3. My Dad loves visiting Hilton Head and says it is so beautiful there! We had our hearts set on visiting Cuba this spring but it looks like with a change in the laws we might not be able to go. Now it's on to plan B. Maybe I'll have to see if Hilton Head could be an option for us! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

    1. We are super excited. I hope your plan b works out. HHI always sounds good.

  4. Hilton Head is our favorite vacation spot. Where are you staying? Hopefully in Sea Pines! Be sure to visit Harbour Town and check out a free concert by Gregg Russell under the Liberty Oak Tree (free and perfect for families, as he is mainly an entertainer for kids). Hudson's On the Docks is our favorite seafood restaurant. We also love Hilton Head Ice Cream and Salty Dog Ice Cream. Jake's Pizza (in South Beach Marina) is also perfect for a take-home dinner, or eat out on the deck and listen to the live music!