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Monday, February 26, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {2//26//2018}

What a weekend!!
It was full of birthdays, basketball, and all my babes. I think we all need an extra day this weekend, because there was very little rest! It was seriously so much fun though!


My birthday was on Friday, and it was just a perfectly normal day full of so much love!
I woke up to this message & fireworks from one of my besties @ 6:00am, but of course I had to replay the message & fireworks only like 10 times that day for Nataleigh!

We then got ready & headed to my grandparents' house for a little bit, & then we headed to lunch with my Love!
He took me to The Black Olive in Jonesborough, and it was just the yummiest Mediterranean restaurant.
Definitely a YUMMY!!

Nataleigh & I decided to have a girls' afternoon with manis & pedis!
She picked teal with sparkles, and she just loves herself some pampering!

While the boys went to basketball practice, the girls met up with my mom, sister, and friend, Christie & her daughter, Ally!

So thankful for these girls!
We went to Asian Cafe 1 for some yummy hibachi, and it was so much stinking fun!

We all got a kick out of Nat's fortune...
My sister, GG, just couldn't stop laughing, and I couldn't either!
She's not illiterate...she's 5!

Some one had just the best time with a few of her besties, and she just couldn't hang!


We got up early because we were heading to Gatlinburg for a big basketball tournament!
Road-trippin' with my favorites! We live about an hour and a half from Gatlinburg, depending on travel. There is ALWAYS traffic in Gatlinburg, so prepare for it in advance!

We decided to get there a little early, because as the birthday girl, I wanted lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant.
No Way Jose's Cantina is no joke! 
Everything is delicious, and any time I'm near one, I want to go!

It was then time to head to Rocky Top Sports World for all the pregame stuff. They had photographers, and check-ins to get through.
Handsome crew of basketball boys!
Swarm LOVE!

Someone wanted her picture taken too..
Little sister problems!

After our first game, a major nail-biter that we won, we all headed to a little restaurant to relax a minute.

And my girl can find a photo-op spot anywhere! These bears were her favorites!!

We then headed back for game two, but between games, our coach had a little health scare that required him to be taken to a local hospital. Thankfully he is okay, and it was complications from dehydration. The boys were totally distracted, so our second game was quite the boo!

I headed to the team hotel with a couple of the players, while Joe headed to the hospital with the coach's son. 

Pool time!!

The boys {& Nataleigh} swam and cut-up a bit before dinner. It was the little bit of down-time these kiddos needed!

We headed to dinner @ Bubba Gumps, and once again, someone could not hang.

The boys ended up 2nd in their pool, so they had a 10:10 game time on Sunday, so we headed to bed!


Sunday was a tough morning to get everyone up and going!
We grabbed a super quick breakfast @ McDonalds before heading to the game!!
My favorite middle child is the perfect little team mascot, fan. He sits on the bench and yells & cheers & feels so big for the team. I think he takes it tougher than anyone else when they lose, and he ALWAYS shoots during any time-out//halftime//break during the game!
This is how little sisters enjoy basketball games. Youtube kids & make-up games for the win! 

We came up 2 points short of moving to the semi finals of the gold division, but the boys fought so hard! Super proud mama here!

We headed back home, and my friend Lindsay told me of the best app for traveling.
It tells you and lets you share current road/traffic conditions. It warns of upcoming construction, potholes, police, etc. We have several trips coming up, and I will be using this app the entire time!

We got home and took late-afternoon naps. I had ordered pizza from Papa John's earlier, and on the app you can set a time for it to be ready. Those apps make it life for this busy mama a little easier!
And my kiddos were beyond happy to have their favorite pizza for dinner!

We then ended our weekend watching WWE's pay-per-view, Elimination Chamber together.

The next several weekends will be pretty busy for the Hensley 5! I'm just thankful for an awesome birthday weekend that included almost all of my favorite foods & people! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!



  1. What a fun weekend full of birthday celebrations. Vera and I are planning on getting manis and pedis for our spring break trip next weekend :) Can't wait!

    1. We ❤️Girls’ days that include manis and pedis

  2. What a great birthday weekend!! So glad that your son's coach is okay - what a scary thing to happen during a weekend tournament.

    1. Super scary, but thankfully it wasn’t anything too serious.