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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up: {2//6//2018}

Sorry I was MIA for the past couple of days.
Last week I shared about our little one being sick. As soon as her fever broke in the early hours of Thursday, she felt 100% better, but where we hadn't slept in so long, we spent Thursday being extra lazy. We then had a super, super busy weekend with loads of traveling that by the time I got home on Sunday, I was tuckered out. I just couldn't get myself together enough to share all about our weekend yesterday, but today I'm sharing all about the fun we had!


We woke up to yet another snow day, and I had sooooo much to do before we could head to West Tennessee.
After getting everything we needed packed, as well as packing the boys' backpack for basketball practice, we snuck outside to take a quick few pictures of the latest One Stop Bow Shop that will be available in a few weeks.
{Spoiler: it is soooo cute}
Then we dropped the boys off at my grandparents before Nataleigh & I met up with our friends to start the trek across the state.

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but the distance from one end of Tennessee to the other is pretty far! 
Snapchat filters for the easy distraction.
(I was not driving, fyi.)

We finally made it to the Meadows Hotel in Fulton, Kentucky!
It was such an adorable hotel, and this girl was just so happy to be out of the car!
She even got to have a little slumber party with one of her Cinderella sisters!


We got up super early & primped because we had to leave the hotel pretty early.
Not before having a little fun at the state line.
The state line between Tennessee & Kentucky was literally right outside the hotel, so these girls needed pictures snapped!
Thank you to the staff of the Meadows Hotel for a wonderful stay!
The girls loved every minute!

We then headed to the Capitol Theatre to get the pageant under way!
 The Fab 5!
 {be still my heart}
 sillies with Savannah
 And can I just tell you how much we love us some Cindy mamas?!
Jen Jones is amazing, and Nataleigh just loves her so much!
 Nataleigh finally confirmed this weekend that Ms. Jill is her best friend!
{best director ever}
Thank you Union City, Ms. Janet, Ms. Jill, & Ms. Joy for the love and hospitality you showered these girls with. Also a big congratulations to the beautiful contestants!!

We then grabbed a quick bite before hitting the road again!
It didn't take too long before this chickadee was asleep!
Another Tennessee city for the weekend, and this girl was so excited!
(She loves her some hotel stays)
We had some other Cindy girls staying in the hotel, and when sweet Emma fell asleep first, these two were super silly!
We stayed up giggling & chit-chatting for the majority of the night!


We grabbed a quick breakfast & hit the road again.
We were finally heading in the direction of home, and it felt so good.
At a convenience store we found a cardboard Peyton Manning cut-out, and y'all know we love us some Mannings. Pictures were needed. 
Hey, Hey Peyton!!
We got home with enough time to stop by the store for some groceries & the stuff for chili because it was the Super Bowl, and in our house, Super Bowl + chili = #perfection!
And just to be honest, I was not looking forward to the big game, but the halftime show was definitely on my priorities list.
I struggle to remember a time when I didn't love me some J. Timberlake!
All y'all can keep your BSB.
Give me all the JT & *NSYNC!

While we were out of town, the boys had a nice relaxing weekend full of yummy food, basketball, and church.
They had it made together, and they thoroughly enjoyed their "boys' weekend!"
 Post-practice Barberitos!
 Breakfast @ IHOP is always a good time!

 A sweet friend of mine from elementary school was at Stephen's basketball tournament. Her son was also playing, and she sweetly sent me a couple of pictures. I love sweet people!!
And then they headed to church!

We were all going in different directions, but I love how we wrapped our weekend up completely together. It was a busy, fun weekend, and I'm beyond thankful that I do life with these people!

Check back tomorrow to see my goals for February!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. You all were so busy and it was fun to follow along on the Gram this weekend! I hope you have a great day. #JustinForever Lol!

  2. So glad little Miss is feeling better! I loved following your travels on Instagram. Looks like a good time was had by all. I haven’t been on Snapchat in forever, but Mason and I got on last night and played with some filters. Hilarious! My Grandparents live less than 20 minutes from Fulton, KY. They’re in Union City, TN. Those pictures of your sweet girl – oh my word. PRECIOUS! Wait – I just saw that your event was actually in Union City! Small world. Glad you all had a good weekend!!

    1. Union City was charming. We want to go back just to check out Joann's of Union City..official sponsor of the Miss Tennessee Pageant. [In my best emcee voice]